대학교에서 전공은 구지  중요하지 않다고 많은 사람들이 말한다. 그 이유는 많은 사람들이 대학교에서 전공한 것과 다른 일을 많이 하기 때문이다.
  • 공학을 공부했지만 사업을 한다거나
  • 생물을 전공했지만, 요리사가 되었다거나
  • 사회학을 공부했지만, 정치가가 되거나
보통 대화 할 때 X를 공부하긴했지만 현재는 다른 것에 더 포커스를 하고 있다는 것을 강조하고싶을 때 쓰는 표현이 있는데…
X by training
  • It means the person was trained  as an X (engineer,biologist, etc), but emphasizes that he/she may not be currently working in that field
  • I’m a historian by training,
  • So I’m a social scientist by training,
  • So I’m an engineer by training,
  • I’m a geologist by training. But I love that.
[From News]
  • It seems almost cruel that India’s mild leader, an economist by training, should attract so much personal venom. (Economist)
  • DEISE GRAVINA, an engineer by training, had long dreamed of getting women onto Brazil’s building sites. (Economist)
[From Movies]
  • I’m actually a pediatric doctor by training so any bad news I have to give usually involves a lollipop (The I Inside)
  • A: You’re a doctor? B: Nurse by training, doctor, janitor, and babysitter by default. (Alias)
  • By training, I’m an oncologist. That’s a cancer specialist. And I’m the chairman of the New York Council on Medical Ethics. (Law & Order)
  • I’m an accountant by training.  (Space Above and Beyond )
  • I am a biologist by training, and in the course of my career, I have become something of a D. N. A. expert. (Murder In the First)
[From Twitter]
  • David Banjy, originally from Burundi and a bass guitarist by training, takes his inspiration from African rhythms
  • Marion Barry was a chemist by training. That’s key to understanding how he navigated politics in DC

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