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뉴스레터를 가입하시면 새로운 포스트를 제일 먼저 이메일로 받아보실 수 있으며,
또한 이전에 다루었던 표현들도 Review 해드립니다.
이제는 퀴즈도 보내드려요^^

(“메일링 리스트에 가입했는데, 이메일이 안오시는 분은 여기 클릭!”)

2015-12-07drink the Kool-Aid -- NEW296verbPhrase
2015-12-01play devil's advocate -- NEW295verbPhrase
2015-11-30don't let the bedbugs bite -- NEW294verbPhrase
2015-11-11take something at face value293verbPhrase
2015-11-03have a chip on one's shoulder292verbPhrase
2015-11-02roll off the tongue291verbPhrase
2015-10-30short and sweet290adjPhrase
2015-10-29the squeaky wheel gets the grease289sentencePhrase
2015-10-28go + verb288verbPhrase
2015-10-27bang one's head against the wall287verbPhrase
2015-10-16beg the question285verbPhrase
2015-10-15come full circle284verbPhrase
2015-10-13go through the motions283verbPhrase
2015-10-12go around in circles282verbPhrase
2015-10-09I don't buy it281sentencePhrase
2015-10-02catch someone red-handed280verbPhrase
2015-09-29at the top of the hour 279adverbPhrase
2015-09-28stay abreast of something278verbPhrase
2015-09-24X can't hold a candle to Y277verbPhrase
2015-09-22breathe down one's neck276verbPhrase
2015-09-21one's heart is in the right place275sentencePhrase
2015-09-16lend oneself to N274verbPhrase
2015-09-15bread and butter273nounPhrase
2015-09-14in a pinch272adverbPhrase
2015-09-10with flying colors271adverbPhrase
2015-09-09the cream of the crop270nounPhrase
2015-09-07the proof of the pudding is in the eating269sentencePhrase
2015-09-03what makes one tick268verbPhrase
2015-09-02in a nutshell267adverbPhrase
2015-09-01par for the course266adjPhrase
2015-08-31crop up265verbPhrase
2015-08-27run it up the flagpole264verbPhrase
2015-08-26double back263verbPhrase
2015-08-25have one's ducks in a row262verbPhrase
2015-08-24go hand in hand261verbPhrase
2015-08-20see the light of day260verbPhrase
2015-08-18run the gamut258verbPhrase
2015-08-17up and running257adjPhrase
2015-08-13talk shop256verbPhrase
2015-08-12will not take no for an answer255verbPhrase
2015-08-11food for thought254nounPhrase
2015-08-10drag one's feet253verbPhrase
2015-08-07cradle robber252nounPhrase
2015-08-06get choked up251verbPhrase
2015-06-30hat tip 250nounPhrase
2015-06-25go down that road249verbPhrase
2015-06-24(be) apt to VERB248adjPhrase
2015-06-23on that note247adverbPhrase
2015-06-22at large246adjPhrase
2015-06-18pave the way for SOMETHING245verbPhrase
2015-06-17get carried away244verbPhrase
2015-06-15nothing could be further from the truth243sentencePhrase
2015-06-11put heads together242verbPhrase
2015-06-10drop the ball241verbPhrase
2015-06-09what are the odds240sentencePhrase
2015-06-08akin to239adjPhrase
2015-06-04take someone by surprise238verbPhrase
2015-06-03back to square one237adjPhrase
2015-06-02go overboard236verbPhrase
2015-06-01burn one's bridges235verbPhrase
2015-05-29stay on the sidelines234verbPhrase
2015-05-28my heart was hammering233sentencePhrase
2015-05-27it occurs to me232sentencePhrase
2015-05-26belabor the point231verbPhrase
2015-05-21step on toes230verbPhrase
2015-05-20If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen229sentencePhrase
2015-05-19bail out227verbPhrase
2015-05-19go big or go home228sentencePhrase
2015-05-14nailed it226verbPhrase
2015-05-13follow in one's footsteps225verbPhrase
2015-05-12a rose by any other name would smell as sweet224sentencePhrase
2015-05-11better safe than sorry223sentencePhrase
2015-05-08부탁, 다양한 뉘앙스로 표현하는 방법222sentencePhrase
2015-05-07a breath of fresh air221nounPhrase
2015-05-06the whole nine yards220nounPhrase(& adverbPhrase)
2015-05-05the world is your oyster219sentencePhrase
2015-05-04for the most part218adverbPhrase
2015-05-01fall prey to something217verbPhrase
2015-04-30give someone the benefit of the doubt216verbPhrase
2015-04-29come to grips with215verbPhrase
2015-04-28jury is still out214sentencePhrase
2015-04-24out of curiosity 213adverbPhrase
2015-04-23by a long shot212adverbPhrase
2015-04-22yeah right211sentencePhrase
2015-04-21at the end of the day210adverbPhrase
2015-04-20건물 안에서 위치 설명하는 방법209sentencePhrase
2015-04-17see eye to eye208verbPhrase
2015-04-16pick one's brain207verbPhrase
2015-04-15jump through hoops206verbPhrase
2015-04-14collect one's thoughts205verbPhrase
2015-04-13get bogged down in something204verbPhrase
2015-04-10give SOMEONE a round of applause/give it up for SOMEONE203verbPhrase
2015-04-09bark up the wrong tree202verbPhrase
2015-04-08jack up the price201verbPhrase
2015-04-06dressed to the nines199adjPhrase
2015-04-03come with the territory198verbPhrase
2015-04-02as opposed to197adjPhrase
2015-04-01only insofar as196adjPhrase
2015-03-31a tall order195nounPhrase
2015-03-30on the dot194adverbPhrase
2015-03-27wash over someone193verbPhrase
2015-03-26more than meets the eye192adjPhrase
2015-03-25fall head over heels for someone191verbPhrase
2015-03-24off the mark190adjPhrase
2015-03-23give someone the cold shoulder189verbPhrase
2015-03-20go a long way188verbPhrase
2015-03-19set the tone187verbPhrase
2015-03-18defeat the purpose186verbPhrase
2015-03-16penny wise, pound foolish185sentencePhrase
2015-03-13move past X184verbPhrase
2015-03-12cut both ways183verbPhrase
2015-03-11rest up182verbPhrase
2015-03-09beside the point181adjPhrase
2015-03-06put a twist on X180verbPhrase
2015-03-05pull something off179verbPhrase
2015-03-04a recipe for disaster178nounPhrase
2015-03-03take a rain check177verbPhrase
2015-03-02get one's act together176verbPhrase
2015-02-26get behind something175verbPhrase
2015-02-25shift gears174verbPhrase
2015-02-24put someone on a pedestal173verbPhrase
2015-02-23fall short172verbPhrase
2015-02-20hit the nail on the head171verbPhrase
2015-02-19do double duty170verbPhrase
2015-02-18off the rails169adverbPhrase
2015-02-17on the same wavelength168adverbPhrase
2015-02-13go so far as to VERB167verbPhrase
2015-02-12so ADJ as to VERB166adjPhrase
2015-02-11opportunity presents itself165verbPhrase
2015-02-10lay the groundwork 164verbPhrase
2015-02-09set oneself up for failure163verbPhrase
2015-02-06important 와 significant의 차이점162adjPhrase
2015-02-05lay of the land161nounPhrase
2015-02-04out of one's element160adjPhrase
2015-02-03come in handy159verbPhrase
2015-02-02no pun intended158sentencePhrase
2015-01-30take something with a grain of salt157verbPhrase
2015-01-29take the plunge156verbPhrase
2015-01-28pull one over on somebody155verbPhrase
2015-01-27take a trip down memory lane154verbPhrase
2015-01-26be a far cry from X153verbPhrase
2015-01-22turn the tables152verbPhrase
2015-01-21for lack of a better word151adverbPhrase
2015-01-20uncharted territory150nounPhrase
2015-01-16jack of all trades149nounPhrase
2015-01-15come down with a cold148verbPhrase
2015-01-14put the cart before the horse147verbPhrase
2015-01-13for what it's worth146adverbPhrase
2015-01-12like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic145adverbPhrase
2015-01-09pull out all the stops144verbPhrase
2015-01-08take the wind out of one's sails143verbPhrase
2014-12-11X lends itself to Y142verbPhrase
2014-12-09err on the side of X141verbPhrase
2014-12-08fall into place140verbPhrase
2014-12-04X by training139nounPhrase
2014-12-03set in stone138verbPhrase
2014-12-02get one's feet wet137verbPhrase
2014-12-01have one's work cut out for one136verbPhrase
2014-11-26in layman's terms135adverbPhrase
2014-11-25turn heads134verbPhrase
2014-11-24you can't teach an old dog new tricks133sentencePhrase
2014-11-21give something a once-over132verbPhrase
2014-11-18by a show of hands131adverbPhrase
2014-11-17up in the air130adjPhrase
2014-11-14left to one's devices129adverbPhrase
2014-11-07run deep128verbPhrase
2014-11-06have one's finger in too many pies127verbPhrase
2014-11-05get around to X126verbPhrase
2014-11-04in the same boat OR on the same boat?125adverbPhrase
2014-11-03a red herring124nounPhrase
2014-10-31if you will123adverbPhrase
2014-10-30at the outset122adverbPhrase
2014-10-29lion's share121nounPhrase
2014-10-28if that's not X, I don't know what is120sentencePhrase
2014-10-27a shot in the dark119nounPhrase
2014-10-23keep it on the down low118verbPhrase
2014-10-22pull the rug out from under somebody117verbPhrase
2014-10-20take on a life of its own115verbPhrase
2014-10-17wrap my head around114verbPhrase
2014-10-15rags to riches112nounPhrase
2014-10-14NUMBER order[s] of magnitude111nounPhrase
2014-10-13For the time being110adverbPhrase
2014-10-10face the music109verbPhrase
2014-10-09hindsight is 20/20108sentencePhrase
2014-10-08night and day107nounPhrase
2014-10-07for all practical purposes106adverbPhrase
2014-10-06go to great lengths to105verbPhrase
2014-10-03Freudian slip104nounPhrase
2014-10-02is in order103verbPhrase
2014-10-01touch base102verbPhrase
2014-09-30Granted, STATEMENT101adverbPhrase
2014-09-29time and again100adverbPhrase
2014-09-26on the line99adjPhrase
2014-09-25spin one's wheels98verbPhrase
2014-09-2320/20 vision97nounPhrase
2014-09-22so much for96sentencePhrase
2014-09-19NOT S any more than S'95sentencePhrase
2014-09-18go ahead and94verbPhrase
2014-09-17all too well93adverbPhrase
2014-09-16in the home stretch92adverbPhrase
2014-09-15herding cats91nounPhrase
2014-09-12in the grand scheme of things90adverbPhrase
2014-09-11push the envelope89verbPhrase
2014-09-10owe a debt of gratitude88verbPhrase
2014-09-09read between the lines87verbPhrase
2014-09-07in your own right86adverbPhrase
2014-09-05to top it all off85adverbPhrase
2014-09-04the name of the game84nounPhrase
2014-09-03quote unquote83adverbPhrase
2014-09-01a thing or two82nounPhrase
2014-08-29the next thing you know81adverbPhrase
2014-08-28Hit home/Strike home80verbPhrase
2014-08-27in and of itself79adverbPhrase
2014-08-26go out of one's way to VERB78verbPhrase
2014-08-25tie up loose ends77verbPhrase
2014-08-22learn the ropes76verbPhrase
2014-08-21are you up/down for SOMETHING75sentencePhrase
2014-08-20in a sense74adverbPhrase
2014-08-19from the ground up73adverbPhrase
2014-08-18along for the ride72adverbPhrase
2014-08-15in store71adjPhrase
2014-08-14not cut it70verbPhrase
2014-08-12From a ADJ standpoint69adverbPhrase
2014-08-11whether it be A, B, or C68adverbPhrase
2014-08-08fill me in67verbPhrase
2014-08-07throw someone under the bus66verbPhrase
2014-08-06something, or lack thereof65adverbPhrase
2014-08-05keep an eye out for X64verbPhrase
2014-08-04keep your feet on the ground63verbPhrase
2014-08-01only so many/only V so much62adverbPhrase
2014-07-31put a positive spin61verbPhrase
2014-07-30get cold feet60verbPhrase
2014-07-29hard sell59nounPhrase
2014-07-28get caught up in58verbPhrase
2014-07-25throw out the baby with the bath water57sentencePhrase
2014-07-24along those lines56adverbPhrase
2014-07-23low hanging fruit55nounPhrase
2014-07-22poster child54nounPhrase
2014-07-21act up53verbPhrase
2014-07-18word for word52adverbPhrase
2014-07-17a case in point51nounPhrase
2014-07-16for the record50adverbPhrase
2014-07-15put on music49verbPhrase
2014-07-14in single file48adverbPhrase
2014-07-11root for47verbPhrase
2014-07-10you had me at hello46sentencePhrase
2014-07-09a dime a dozen45nounPhrase
2014-07-08in the market for44adjPhrase
2014-07-07play hard to get43verbPhrase
2014-07-03get the best of somebody42verbPhrase
2014-07-02Bigger fish to fry41sentencePhrase
2014-07-01in the first place40adverbPhrase
2014-06-30get on one's nerves39verbPhrase
2014-06-27have (something) to do with X38verbPhrase
2014-06-26get a word in edgewise37verbPhrase
2014-06-25under the weather36adjPhrase
2014-06-24at the top of my lungs35adverbPhrase
2014-06-23by and large34adverbPhrase
2014-06-20on the table/off the table33adjPhrase
2014-06-19over the hill32adjPhrase
2014-06-18I ll keep you posted31verbPhrase
2014-06-17milk S for X30verbPhrase
2014-06-16in over my head29verbPhrase
2014-06-13All your base are belong to us28sentencePhrase
2014-06-12best of both worlds27nounPhrase
2014-06-06go off on a tangent23verbPhrase
2014-06-05train of thought22nounPhrase
2014-06-04Tricks of the trade21nounPhrase
2014-06-03smack of20verbPhrase
2014-06-02in for a treat19adverbPhrase
2014-05-29do justice to18verbPhrase
2014-05-23keep X on a even keel17verbPhrase
2014-05-22Raison d'etre16nounPhrase
2014-05-21take the fifth15verbPhrase
2014-05-20see for yourself14verbPhrase
2014-05-19off the hook13adjPhrase
2014-05-16hold one's liquor/hold my drink12verbPhrase
2014-05-15On a silver platter11adverbPhrase
2014-05-14On second thought10adverbPhrase
2014-05-13off the top of my head9adverbPhrase
2014-05-12take the liberty of8verbPhrase
2014-05-08take the edge off7verbPhrase
2014-05-07On the hour6adverbPhrase
2014-05-06Miranda Warning5nounPhrase
2014-05-05I could really use a cup of coffee4verbPhrase
2014-05-02Take a toll3verbPhrase
2014-05-01Quinessential 과 Essential 의 차이2sentencePhrase
2014-04-30take it from the top1verbPhrase

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