• 캐서린이 너한테 정확하게 뭐라고 했는데?
  • 스캇이 한 말 그대로  말해봐바…
저렇게 줄 친 의미로 쓰이는 즉 “글자 그대로”를 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
word by word 라고 할까..? 아니면  word for word 라고 할까?
Word for Word
  • [Definition] in the exact words; verbatim.
  • [KOREAN Definition] 정확히 말한[글자] 그대로
  • I have conveyed his request word for word.
  • I know you need this to succeed as much as I do, but it’s only gonna do that if you print it word for word.
[From Movies & TV shows]
  • You gotta tell her word for word. (Ghost)
  • That’s it. “The Teacher will never leave this room alive.“ Word for word. (The Interpreter)
  • Word for word, what did you say to Georgie exactly? (Spanglish)
  • Thank you so much for clarifying my point by repeating it word for word. (Scrubs)
  • But since you seem unable to grasp these principles… …I’m forced to conclude I must repeat this lesson tomorrow,word for word. (Gods and Generals)
[From Twitter]
  • Why does someone block you and then tweet the EXACT, word for word tweet that you did? Does that make any sense?
  • What movie can you quote word for word? ? Frozen, mean girls and the grinch that stole christmas.
많은 사람들이 이 표현을 “word by word”라고 잘못쓰는 것을 생각보다 자주보았다.
하지만 word by word는 “천천히 한글자씩” (one word at a time) 이란 뜻으로 전혀 다른 의미를 가지고 있다.
  • We examined the contract word by word to make sure everything was the way we wanted.
  • We compared the stories word by word to see what made them different.

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