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신이 아닌 이상, 어떤 사건이 100% 일어난다고 장담할 수 없다. 예를 들어, A에서 B로 가기로 결정했다고 하자. 그러나 생각하지 못했던 변수가 갑자기 튀어나와 C로 변경해야 할 때도 있고, 길을 가다가 내 마음이 변해 D로 가는 때가 있다. 그래서 우리는 확률적으로 사고하며 말한다.
  1. 그 일이 일어날 가능성은 매우 낮다.
  2. 내가 길 가다 그 사람을 마주칠 확률이 과연 얼마나 될까?
  3. 아이디어는 좋지만 그 사업이 성공할 수 있을까?
Probability를 써도 되지만 단어가 너무 길다. 짧고 쉽게, Odds를 쓴다.
  1. The odds of that happening were slim to none.
  2. What are the odds that I would run into him/her on the street?
  3. The idea sounds good, but what are the odds of success?
“Seriously, what are the odds?


  1. How likely is it?
  2. (반어적으로) Whatever happened was very unlikely.


  1. 보통 what are the odds of NOUN? 또는 what are the odds that PHRASE? 의 구조로 쓰인다.
  2. Odds, probability, chances 는 어떻게 다를까?
    chance는 “가능성/기회”이라는 뜻으로 일상적인 쓰이는 용어이고, Probability 는 확률, 즉 chance를 수학적인 언어로 묘사하기위해 생겨난 하나의 장치이다.
    Odds는 엄밀히 말해, probability of success of event A/ probability of failure of event A(성공과 실패의 비율)로 정의된 또다른 수학적 용어이지만, 자주 쓰이다보니 일상언어에 자리를 잡았다고 볼 수 있겠다.


  • Give me a break. Remember five years ago, when your kidneys failed? If you were a loser would they have been able to find a donor with an exact tissue match? What are the odds of that, one in a million? (There’s Something About Mary)
  • JANI:What are the odds of you being seen with me? JACK: Impossible to calculate. (Croupier)
  • MAX: They say they don’t know, but that’s crazy. I mean what are the odds… SOL:It’s just a coincidence. (Pi)
  • MOLLY:What are the odds that Roy will win? EARL:Vegas has him at ten to one. They’re sure he’s gonna self-destruct. MOLLY:Those sound good to me (Tin Cup)
  • PHILIP:What are the odds of a single woman being at this thing? TOM:`Bout a million to one. (Stir of Echoes)


  • Raising a Future Olympian? What Are the Odds? (NYT)
  • Now, what are the odds that the expected value of the former outcome is much worse than the expected value of the latter outcomes? (Economist)
  • What Are the Odds of Japan Legalizing Casinos? (Bloomberg)


  • Two guys named Yasmany/Yasmani in same ballpark. What are the odds?
  • What are the odds! Ran into another fan at @costco
  • $7.11 total at 711. What are the odds?


  • l was thinking, what are the odds
  • What are the odds?
  • - What are the odds on Santa’s Little Helper? – Ninety-nine to one.
  • What are the odds that years later you’ll turn on the stereo and go,


  • Is it a slang? No
  • Can I use it in a email? Yes
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? Yes
  • Frequency? A LOT

context plot data source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/