“I could really use a cup of coffee”
난 커피를 사용할수 있었다?
What does it really mean?
[Perfect Explanation]
You say “I could use ___” to indicate that you really want or need something, like a drink, but for some reason you haven’t been able to get it yet.
you say “I could really use a cup of coffee” because you’re very sleepy and need some coffee, but there’s no coffee nearby.
-> 즉  I need XXXX 보다 좀더 구체적(필요하지만 아직 얻지 못한) 이고 미국적인표현이다.
[자기는 일하고있는데, 옆에 있는사람이 딴청부리고 안도와줄때 자주쓰이는 쓰는 표현] 
I could use a little help
[From Movies] 
  • Excellent. I could use some good news right now. ( Kung Fu Panda)
  • I could use some caffeine ( Torch Song)
  • Through the night I could use some direction And I’m open to your suggestions
  • I could use some air ( Beauty Shop)
  • Come on, kid.. - I could use some coffee. You?  ( Nighthawks)
  • And here is where I could use some help (NYT)
  • I can use some help here ( Walk On The Wild )
  • I can use some civilised conversation ( O Brother Where Art Thou)
[Answers to the title]
  • I can use some coffee (or I can use a cup of coffee)
  • I can use some fresh air.
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