인생은 온통 불확실성의 연속이다. 아직 확실히 정해지거나 풀리지 않은 것들이 많다.
  • A라는 사람과  이성친구로 할지
  • A 대학교를 갈지 B 대학교를 갈지
  • 땡스기빙때 무엇을 하며 보낼지
등 말이다.
이럴 때 “X가 아직 정해지지 않았어”를어떻게 영어로 표현할까?
  • X is not determined.
  • X is undecided
  • X is not resolved yet
등의 표현을 써서 할 수있지만, 좀 더 비주얼적인 표현이있다.
어떤 아이디어가 아직 확실하게 구체화되지 않고, 마치 구체화되기를 기다리며 마치공중에 붕붕 떠있는 그림을 따서….
up in the air
  • [Definition] Not yet resolved, finished, answered, decided or certain.
[From Movies]
  • Trevor’s bungee accident left everything up in the air. (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
  • So many things up in the air. My friends, my acting. There’s an audition I don’t want to miss. (Henry And June)
  • The presence of danger — ie Wombosi’s guys and/or Treadstone — is still up in the air… (Bourne Identity)
[From Twitter]
  • It’s up in the air. I will keep you all posted.
  • The only thing not up in the air is what the grand jury decision is.
  • Everything is up in the air but rumours are close to reality.
[From News]
  • Sino-US relations up in the air  (Economist)
  • The Tovars’ price range for a home was “up in the air,” said Steven Soleimani, an independent broker and family friend.  (NYT)
  • Why punctuality and safety remain up in the air. (Economist)

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