뭐지? 저건?!
A head turner walking
인생을 살면서 뭔가 아름답거나 신비하거나 인터레스팅한것은 다시보게 된다. 이런 의미에서 파생된 표현이 있는데….
turn heads
  • [Definition] if something or someone turns heads, people notice them because they look interesting or attractive
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Maya, she could really turn heads. (Low Winter)
  • Out here, your common or garden Ferrari or Lamborghini can no longer cut the mustard. So what do you do if you want to turn heads?  (Top Gear)
[From News]
  • Men like Mr Park are rare in South Korea, rare enough to turn heads in parks.  (Economist)
  • It takes quite a lot of commotion to turn heads in Times Square, which has rather a lot of commotion to begin with, as evening falls. (NYT)
  • Let the Olsen twins turn heads in Toronto, or Austin or even LA. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • Your favorite artists (from Taylor Swift to Fergie) are ready to turn heads at Sunday’s awards show
  • Turn heads this holiday season with our chic, modern take on the classic Christmas bouquet:
  • Skinny girls turn heads, fit chicks break necks.
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a head-turner 라는 표현도 있는데, 한마디로 head turn 을 하게 만드는 잘생긴 남성이나 아름다운 여성을 일컫는다.
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