대화는 역시 음악처럼 박자감이 있어야 듣는 사람도 즐겁다. 오늘도 몇일전에 다룬 the next thing you know 처럼 대화의 박자에 도움이 되는 표현을 다루겠다.
대화하면서 무언가를 열거를 할 때 마지막에 클라이맥스효과를 내고싶을 때가 있다. 그럼 보통 어떻게 할까?
  • A, B, and best thing is, C..  ( C 가 제일 좋음)
  • A, B, and the worst thing isC.. ( C가 제일 안좋음)
라고 쓸 수도 있지만…
이보다 좀더 재미있고, 미국적인 표현이 있다.
to top it all (off)
  • [Definition] 
    • The worst thing is (설상가상적으로):
      • The washing machine flooded, my car broke down, then to top it all off I locked myself out of the house.
    • The best thing is (금상첨화적으로):
      • Students get to meet the world’s top scientists and researchers, and to top it off, the conference is free.
[From Twitter]
  • First day of school and I already feel like I’m sleep deprived, stressed, and to top it all off an old Asian hit my car today
  • nfl & fantasy football begin tonight, no class tomorrow, and to top it all off.. it’s @Beyonce’s birthday. what a great start to my day.
  • I missed my train to work this morning, arrived really late, and to top it all our boss was in a bad mood
[From Movies]
  • Everyone thinks I’m a fascist.  The whole country hates me.  I’ve lost my milk round, and to top it all, I have to come home to this!  (Calcium Kid)
  • You get my slapped with a fine, you fight with the customers and I have to patch everything up. You get us chased out of a funeral by violating a corpse. To top it all off, you ruin my relationship. (Clerks)
  • To top it all off, a Coast Guard helicopter hovers and patrols three hundred feet above. (Jaws)
  • I mean, I’ve never lived up to my dad’s expectations.  And to top it all off, I’m letting Sam down.  My own son! (Kicking & Screaming)
[From News]
  • Prices are soaring, the country is plagued by electrical blackouts, some neighborhoods go days without water, and protests tangle the already stifling traffic. To top it all off, the cheap beer that helps people let off steam at many a weekend party has suddenly become scarce, too. (NYT)
  • Two disastrous wars, a massive budget deficit despite starting with a surplus, huge new unfunded mandates, and to top it all off, the worst recession in 70 years at the end of his term. What’s not to like? ( Economist)
  • He gave fans almost 45 minutes of a painter eating a mushroom, 76 minutes of an actor shaking his rear, more than five hours of a boyfriend sleeping and, to top it all, “Empire” ? eight hours straight of the Empire State Building, doing nothing. (NYT)

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