• very often
  • again and again
  • repeatedly
  • time after time
  • over and over
와 더불어 “몇번이고” , “계속”,  ”자주” 를 의미하는 표현이 있다. 특히 회화에서 자주 쓰이는…
time and again
  • [Definition] very often; Again and again;
    • Time and again I have had to remind my son to study before going out with his friends.
  • watched them pass me over for promotions time and again.
  • We’ve upgraded time and again and again.
  • So time and again, I found people like this.
  • but I kept hearing time and again, you need to preserve the core.
  • Time and again, a thinker would lay out an argument
  • embroidered time and again.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Gordon has proven himself time and again as a very cunning operator with a rapacious intellect. ( Wild Wild West)
  • They repeat his name time and again: “Doork, Doork, Doork.”  (Day the Clown Cried)
  • I told you time and again, she got all that stuff discount. (Small Time Crooks)
  • Time and again we see the reliance on a proven methodology- a methodology separate from human experience… built upon figures, not feelings… (Schizopolis)
  • Time and again you tore my heart from my chest. (Spartacus Blood)
[From Twitter]
  • People ask me time and again, why do you even write? What’s the point?  My response: whoever tells the story, writes history. Period.
  • the world has knocked me down time and again.
  • We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life — Carl Jung
[From News]
  • Time and again, when the government tries to insert itself between the Internet and its users, it gets clobbered. (NYT)
  • Time and again, business leaders say that what they want most is consistency. (Economist)
  • Time and again, I have seen collaboration foster an environment where everyone is free to contribute to their full potential. (NYT)
지극히 개인적인 의견이고 약간 억어지이지만, 나는  Motivation섹션에 있는 표현들보다 time and again 이 좀 더 세련됐다고 생각한다(적어도 회화에선) . 그 이유는 다음과 같다.
  • very often: very는 보통 안쓰는 것이 좋음, 그런데 very 를 빼면 강도가 사라짐.
  • again and again: again 이 반복됨. phonetically boring 하다고나 해야할까. 소리만 들었을 때 재미가 없다.
  • repeatedly : 회화에서 쓰기엔 약간 딱딱함. 음절이 4개라(re-peate-dl-y) 발음하기도 여간 쉽지 않다.
  • time after time : time이 반복됨.
  • over and over : over이 반복됨.
time and again 은 심플하면서도 의미하는 바를 효과를 전달할 수 있다.

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