“자신의 이익이 더 중요해서 또는 위기가 생겼을 때 자신만 살아남으려고 남을 무자비하게 희생시키는” 사람이 종종있다.
이런 “이기적인 행동”을 표현하는 새로운 신조어가 있는데….
throw someone under the bus
Throw someone under the bus
  • [Definition]  to sacrifice a friend or ally for selfish reasons
[Video] — 드라마, 토크쇼, 프레젠테이션.. 등 다 쓰이는 popular한 표현이다.
  • So let me just be the artist who — to throw everybody under the bus.  And my head of security is standing over there nodding.
  • He is a self-promoting hipster weasel who’s thrown every one of his friends under the bus, and I’m not going to sit by and wait for him to do it to you, too.
  • Sue Gaffney?  It’s in his own jurisdiction.  (For him) It’s worth throwing Gaffney under the bus to drag you into the mess.  He’s after my seat again.  Has he learned absolutely nothing?
  • And so I now went looking for remorse and threw truth under the bus.  ”I understand,” I said, “that the crash was not your fault…”
[From Movies]
  • Look at that. It looks great. ...for tossing me under the bus. (Drag Me To Hell Script )
  • Okay, first off, throwing Derek under the bus, nicely done.  (Teen Wolf)
  • Fine, I’ll roll the dice with you But if word of this gets out, I will throw you under the bus so darn fast you won’t know what hit you. (Change Up)
  • (to Pete) You just threw me under the bus. PET:  No. We agreed to let go and forgive, but then you started ripping into my dad like a crazy person (This is 40)
[From News]
  • The last thing you want is a reputation for throwing co-workers under the bus. (NYT)
  • The cruder question for lawbreaking corporate executives, he says, is: “Will counsel throw me under the bus for a few million?” ( Economist)
  • Peter Berg Threw Himself Under a Bus. Now What? (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • let’s be honest ali will throw each of her “best friends” under the bus when it comes to A.
  • Sorry I threw you under the bus.  My first choice was to throw you under a tank.
2000년도 초반에 유행어가 된 phrase다. 위키페디아 페이지도 있다.

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