• “ 고구마,당근,감자,우엉,연근.양파등등.. 뿌리채소들 있음 죄다 준비해주시고요..”
  • “기본서류외에 졸업증명서, 성적증명서, 경력증명서, 원천징수명세서, 잔고증명서 죄다 준비해 갔는데”
  • “냉면·토마토·닭가슴살 다이어트, 몽땅 해보고 얻은 결론은…”
여기서 죄다 또는 몽땅 를 어떻게 표현할까?
the whole nine yards
  • Noun: everything, as far as possible.
  • Adverb: All the way; with everything done completely or thoroughly.
1. the whole nine yard 는 명사 또는 부사로 쓸 수 있다.
2. 이 표현은 1950년대부터 사람들의 입에 오르기 시작했는데, 아무도 이 표현이  어디서 유래되었는지는 모른다.
2차 세계 대전 때 탄띠의 길이에서 나왔다는 이론도 있고
믹서기에 넣을 수 있는 콘크리트의 양이라는 설도 있지만..
정확한 것 은 하나도 없다. 이 점에 대해 뉴욕타임즈에서  기사가 나왔을 정도이다.
참 재미있지 않은가? 아무도 유래를 정확하게는 모르지만 어떤 표현이 일상 대화에 자리잡았다는 것이…?
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • The official apology from the Justice Department, the VIP treatment, you know, the whole nine yards. (Mission Impossible)
  • I’m thinking kibble, park, chew toy, the whole nine yards. Okay? we good? (Marley & Me)
  • White Christmas outside the window. Richly trimmed tree, presents everywhere, carols softly playing. The whole nine yards. (Stepmom)
  • We cadets used to say that his name described his heart. But we respected the hell out of him. He went the whole nine yards. It didn’t matter whether it was war or growing roses or making men. (Taps)
  • Moe, I want you to know, I went the whole nine yards for you tonight. I took full responsibility (Wise Guys)
[From News]
  • Tell me how do you expect a tribal country, where loyalties are based on tribal affiliation, to have a Western style democracy (with elections, parties, the whole nine yards..(Economist)
  • Financial Protection Goes the Whole Nine Yards with Group Accident Plans. (Bloomberg)
  • We fear that, uneasy as these guys are with deeper metaphors and others’ pain, they privately say, “Let’s go the whole nine yards in the Middle East, yo!” Their banality is too much ours. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Mystified by the number of people I follow who are fans of Taylor Swift. Big fans. Music, pics, gifs, the whole nine yards.
  • Exactly. If u will be dishonest at least go the whole nine yards
  • I’m going to throw a formal gathering together and invite everyone I know. Champaign the whole nine yards
  • Get graphics working on tables, charts, the whole nine yards.
  • Candles, tablecloth, the whole nine yards.
  • I had to do “The Whole Nine Yards.”
[Meta & Context]
  • Is it a slang? : Kind of.
  • Can I use it in the email? : Yes
  • Can I use it in the formal setting?: No
  • Frequency : 보통 어떤 것을 열거 할 때, 회화 context에서 자주쓰인다. 한국의 “기타 등등” 을 생각하면 된다.
Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/

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