이거 마셔봐염. 진정될꺼삼 (Night & Day)
“진정시킬꺼에요”라는 표현을 막상하려고하면 어떻게 할까?
나같은 경우 단어 “lessen” 이 생각난다. “This will lessen it”
근데 너무 딱딱하다.  좀더 미국적인 표현이 없나?
[From Articles]
  • Audio takes the edge off common Anxieties ( NYT)
  • Baked Doughnuts Take the Edge Off the Guilt - NYTimes.com
[From Movies]
  • Drugs don’t work, just take the edge off of it.( Pi Script)
  • I have a drink before dinner to take the edge off my day. ( Traffic)
  • I just need to take the edge off. You know the routine. ( Thirteen Ghorsts)
  • We want to know just enough to take the edge off our appetite. Then we’re satisfied, and we stop. ( Hellraiser)
[Phrase You are looking for]
Take the edge off
to decrease the effect of something; to make something less blunt, critical,
[Korean Definition] 
“Take a sip of that. Take the edge off” ( Night & Day)

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