“대학원생활은 정말 날 힘들게했어” 라는 표현을  어떻게 영어로 할까
Graduate school was very difficult for me??
좀더 미국적인건 없나? ( 그리고 엄밀히 말해서 위 표현은 대학원이 어렵다는것이지 힘들다는 표현은 아니다)
[From Movies]
  • Work, family, it can take a toll on you ( Wild Hog)
  • When their dad left… it really took a toll. On all of us. I can’t go through that again ( Eight Legged Freaks)
  • an unusually cold winter took its toll ( From NYT)
[Definition] Take a toll (on something ):
to cause damage or wear by using something or by hard living
[힘들게 하는것] ->  take a toll 또는
[힘들게 하는것] ->  take a toll on  –> <힘듬을 당하는것>
  • [Years of sunbathing] took a toll on .
  • [Drug abuse] takes quite a toll on .
  • [years of pumping iron] have taken their toll on
[전치사 주의점]
A  take a toll ON B
[Why the word “toll”?]
toll의 뜻 :  통행료  . 톨비 할때 그 톨이다.
Take a toll 은 즉 비용(힘듬)을 지불하게 한다는 뜻-> 즉 힘들게 한다라는 뜻.
[Answer to the first question]
=> Graduate school really took a toll on me
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