영어를 하다보면, 들으면 알지만 , 직접 쓰지않는 표현들이 있다.
오늘은 그런 표현 하나를 많은 예문과 분석을 통해 완전히 정복해보겠다.
[Phrase] … SOMETHING, or lack thereof,…
  • lack : The state of being without or not having enough of something:
  • thereof: a formal way of referring to something just mentioned.
↓ ( combine the components)
  • lack thereof :  lack of something that was just referred
↓ (tun it into a idiom )
  • SOMETHING, or lack thereof : SOMETHING,  or lack of SOMETHING 
lack of something이라 하면 될 것을,  왜 구지 이런 표현이 있을까?
사실 lack of something 이라고 말해도 상.관. 없다.
그런데 something, or lack thereof, 이라는 표현을 써서 얻을수 있는 수사학적 효과가 몇가지 있다.
1. Sarcasm-Inducing Effect
“없음”의 개념을 나중에 도입해 sarcasm의 효과를 자아내려고 할 때
(원래 썼을 표현 =>  실제로 쓰인 표현 (출처) )
  • My lack of involvement is not at issue =>  My involvement, or lack thereof, is not at issue. (ER) 
  • Based on my lack of experience, I’d have to say no => Based on my recent experience, or lack thereof, I’d have to say no. (The O.C)
  • People will be complaining about racism  or witchcraft when their real downfall is lack of their character => People will be complaining about racism  or witchcraft , when their real downfall is their character, or lack thereof
  • sleep deprivation can directly impact a person’s feelings of lack of well-being  ==> sleep deprivation can directly impact a person’s feelings of well-being, or lack thereof. 
2. Error Correcting Effect
궁극적인 의도는  ”무언가의 없음” 을 이야기 하려는 것인데, “무엇가”가 입에서 먼저 나오는바람에 “없음”의 개념을 추가로 덧붙일 때
  • Erica, your dad’s love life, or lack thereof, it’s not your problem. (Being Erica)
  • It was not my intention to get into a discussion of my dating life, or lack thereof. (Forever Knight)
  • She was just trying to help me because I freaked out about my future, or lack thereof, and I joined the army without thinking it through. (The Carrie Diaries)
3. Compressing Effect
Whether or not 를 쓰는 부분을 좀더 compact하게 만들 때
  • Whether Dan is available or not has nothing to do with our relationship => Dan’s availability or lack thereof has nothing to do with our relationship (Individual Responsibility)
  • Personal Choices are an imperative aspect of whether one is successful or not => Personal choices are an imperative aspect of ones success or lack thereof
  • The cycle of life and death is dependent on whether we cooperate or not => The cycle of life and death is dependent on our cooperation or lack thereof
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • One of them is for monitoring migratory patterns of Canadian geese, or lack thereof.(Enemy Of The State)
  • If I were you. I would use this time to think about my life and its direction, or lack thereof.(Sister Act) 
  • This is regarding your contract, or lack thereof. ( Mad Men)
  • Feats of strength, or lack thereof, bore me. Entice me with something more challenging. A duel of endurance, a test of my mental fortitude. (Mike & Molly) 
  • Mom,you’re using your cancer center as an excuse to not deal with your romantic life or lack thereof. (Brothers & Sisters)
  • I’m very impressed wit your accent, or lack thereof. (Nikita)
  • I’m sorry to bring this up, but Whatever happened between you and Daniel and thepregnancy, or lack thereof, is a private matter between you two.  ( Revenge)
[From News]
  • Steve Case on Risk-Taking, or Lack Thereof, in Business (NYT)
  • On Car Dealer Service (Or Lack Thereof) - New York Times (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Well this is not good. USB Security (or Lack Thereof) Is A Major Problem.
  • But it helps you realize that the ability of abstract thought, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with the external persona of kindness.
[From Emails]
  • ‘Piled Higher and Deeper’ by Jorge Cham is the popular comic strip about life, or the lack thereof, in grad school
  • What were we forced to do by the structure (or lack thereof) of the class?
[Comments II ]
or the lack thereof  와 or lack thereof 둘중 가 맞을까?
상관없다. 둘다 맞다. 하지만,  관사가 없는 or lack thereof 가 더 많이 쓰인다.
  • let’s get away from our understanding of science, or lack thereof, and get to science itself
  • Racism is predictable. And it’s predicted by interaction or lack thereof with people unlike you, people of other races.
  • sovereignty over our physical freedoms, or lack thereof, was controlled almost entirely by nation-states.

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