인생을 살면서 쓸쓸해질 때가 종종 있다.
  • 튼튼하기로 소문나서 산 기계가 2일만에 부셔지거나
  • 오랫동안 준비한 여행이 자동차가 망가짐으로 인해 갑자기 무산이 되거나
  • 아주 화창할 것이라고 일기예보에 나와서 꽃단장하고 나왔는데, 폭우가 내리거나..
등  실망/허탈/씁쓸/허무의 감정을 느낄 때가 많다.
이런 감정을 미국사람들은 어떻게 표현할까?
  • [Definition] An expression of disregard, or resignation; something said upon giving up, quitting, or disposing of something.
    • Well, I guess it’ll never work. So much for that idea.
    • The car’s broken down again. So much for our trip to the seaside.
    • Huh! That machine that they claimed was “completely reliable” has broken down again! So much for their “completely reliable” claim!
so much for ( 우리를 기대하게 만들었지만 궁극적으론 실망/씁슬/실망/허탈을 가져다준 그 무엇) 의 구조로 되어있다.
[Video] - 비디오를 보면 그 느낌을 잘 알 수 있다.
  • So much for Golden Boy going it alone.
  • much for the wonder, now for the mystery.
  • - That’s right, Kent. So much for your viewpoint. – Hmm!
  • much for promises.
  • So much for Velcro, right?
  • So much for being the only teenager on my father’s arm tonight.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • So much for “every man for himself”.  Nice to see you again, fellas. (xXx)
  • So much for vengeance. (Conan the Barbarian)
  • How was your trip to New York? Qite uneventful. The heat was terrible. God-awful. Not much better here. Humid. So much for the weather report. (Game Of Death Script )
  • Get in there! So much for easing into the day.(MacGyver)
  • So much for a simple over-And-Back That no one was supposed to know about. So much for your Commonwealth security. (Andromeda)
[From Twitter]
  • Losing weight is high on people’s priority list but still there is “no time” to exercise. So much for “priority”!
  • Isn’t it fantastic to see long queues of students waiting to vote? Really great to see. So much for disengaged! 
  • Wow. Justin Trudeau does not vote in favour of NDP proposal for a $15 federal minimum wage. So much for the #middleclass. #upthewage
American news media #fail. Oh dear, dear … so much for mental arithmetic!!
[From News]
  • Did I mention that we were all fired just as the holiday season was upon us? So much for Thanksgiving. ( NYT)
  • Less than two months after a Cowboy died after a teammate drove drunk, yet another Cowboy was charged with drunken driving early this year. So much for lessons learned. (NYT)
  • After only 48 days on the market, Mr. Apotheker announced that H.P. was abandoning it because of poor sales and would no longer support WebOS hardware. So much for the 100 million devices and the WebOS strategy Mr. Apotheker had trumpeted in March.

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