무언가 돌에 새긴다는 것은 “공식(official)“과 “영원함(permanent) “의 상징이 있다.
실행취소나 뒤로가기는 하고싶어도 못한다.
이처럼 미국사람들은 무언가 고치지 못하는 것을 “돌에 새기는 것”처럼 비유해서 자주 쓰곤 하는데…
be set in stone
  • [Definition] firmly established and very difficult to change
[From Movies]
  • I think people are kind of unsure about the situation because it’s not, you know, set in stone. (Juno)
  • Nothing’s set in stone. It’s just something to think about (Roommate)
  • Nothing is set in stone. You gotta make the right choices and keep moving forward. (Meet The Robinsons)
  • Listen, nothing’s set in stone, okay? (Joshua)
  • So let’s just talk this out because nothing’s been set in stone. (Liv and Maddie)
[From News]
  • To some of his friends it was a cruel insult, a mistake set in stone. (NYT)
  • WHILE a diamond may be for ever, its value is far from set in stone. (Economist)
  • We want a fantasy draft strategy set in stone, safe from the uncertainty that causes anxiety and second-guessing. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Nothing is set in stone.Anything can change at any time if you want it to.
  • Not everything is set in stone, people change.
  • If your menu isn’t set in stone, consider making some of these healthy Thanksgiving recipe choices instead
  • need be set in stone.
  • And at that time, it became set in stone:
  • set in stone 이외에 written in stone 또는 carved in stone으로도 자주 쓰인다
  • 많은 것들이 생각했던 것보다 영원하지 않으므로, 예문에서도 볼 수 있듯이 보통 부정으로(not set in stone) 자주 쓰이는 것같다.

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