[Motivation] 여자친구랑 루프탑라운지에서 망원경으로 도시전경을 보고있었는데, 갑자기 고질라가 나타났다. “고질라다!!” 하고 소리쳤지만, 여자친구는 믿지 않았다. “야야 너가 직접봐바바”!! ↑ 여기서 이 대목을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까? [][1] [Phrase] See for yourself <- (못믿겠으면) 너가 “직접” 봐바 [Definition] see or experience something yourself so that you will believe it is true [Comment] 중요한것은 “for yourself"부분이다. 직역하면 “너를 위해서"인데, “(너가 믿을수 있게 )너 자신을 위해서 (직접) 한번 봐보라"라는 의미에서 for을 쓴 것이다. [From Movies]

  • Come to the demonstration tomorrow, and you’ll see for yourself ( Spider-man 2) TYLER: See for yourself. ( Fight Club )
  • MORPHEUS: Stand up and see for yourself. NEO: Right now? MORPHEUS:Yes. Now.(Matrix)
  • You can see for yourself, nothing is happening. All we do is lie about the room all day, begging for inspiration. Please, tell me what I should do. (Bright Star)
  • I wanted to warn you before you see for yourself of the most momentous changes that are occurring (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)
  • If you would let me teach you to read, you could see for yourself (Ghandi) [1]: http://albert.tips/assets/71803c527ba30a8d76f8bbd061e4ac65.png