어떠한 감정이 강렬하고확실하고쭉 지속되었던 것이라면…
그 감정을 어떻게 묘사할 것인가?
예를들어 사랑, 충성심, 애증, 증오..등을 말이다.
the emotions are strong/powerful/real이라고 표현할 수도 있지만,
be 동사보다 강한 active verb를 써서 표현 할 수는 없을까?
run deep
  • [Definition] If a feeling or problem runs deep, it is strong or serious and has existed for a long time:
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Within our small community, rivalries ran deep. (Lark Rise to Candleford)
  • Ebola was identified at a time when suspicion and distrust between the West and the Soviet Union ran deep. (Horizon)
  • He understood that the hatred of the jews ran deep. (Enemy At The Gates)
  • Emotions run deep within our race. In many ways more deeply than in humans. (Star Trek)
  • The feelings I have for Fran run deep. (The Wedding Planner)
[From Twitter]
  • I desire someone who’s thoughts run deep like the ocean.. Who’s feelings are extreme like fire and Ice. Someone who keeps me on my toes.
  • My loyalty has always ran deep. If you don’t see or appreciate it? You will lose me.
  • when need to resist becomes a craving to exist, find solace in the fact that feeling has returned where numbness once ran deep.
[From News]
  • The resentments of Dutch speakers in Flanders, who remember being treated as second-class citizens, run deep. (NYT)
  • Conservative instincts still run deep in Afghanistan, as well as in other parts of the Islamic world. (Economist)
  • The bloodlines that are part of the Kentucky Derby contender Verrazano’s story run deep, and not just with the horses. (NYT)
1. 이 표현은 나무의 뿌리가 깊게 밑으로 뻗치는 형상을 생각하면 된다.
root runs deep
사랑, 충성심, 애증, 증오등의 감정도 나무의 뿌리처럼 자라나서 밖혀서 강렬해진다는 의미에서 이 표현이 유래됐다.

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