다가오는 일요일은 마지막 월드컵경기가있는날이다.
어떤 팀을 응원하는가?
Which team are you rooting for?
root for
Rooting for somebody
Root for SOMETHING/SOMEONE: to cheer and encourage someone or something.
  •  Are you rooting for anyone in particular, or are you just shouting because you’re excited? 
  • I’m rooting for the home team.
  • the whole of this club is rooting for him
[From Movies]
  • I need you to root for me. (Two For The Money)
  • JERRY (friendly, dismissive) Look, let’s just root for a big offer so we can move out of this room to a real office (Jerry Maguire)
  • That alone should make people want to show up and root for us.  (Semi Pro)
  • Believe me, dear, there’ll be plenty of people rooting for you to fail. That’s what makes it such fun! Bring it on. (What a girl wants)
  • BURKE I can’t be with someone who’s not rooting for me. ( I’ll Do Anything)
  • Those poor old people down there, they gotta have something to root for. (Slap Shot)
[From Twitter]
  • I will continue to root for the LA Lakers as I have since I was 5
  • I always root for the bad guy in the first Die Hard film.
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