언어에서는 발음하기 쉬워서 캐치한 표현들이 있다. 예를들자면…

  • 치키치키, 차카차카, 초코초코 ~ 초!
  • 피카피카 피카 츄!!!
  • 구 - 글
  • 샤우든프로이더(Schadenfreude)
  • 랑데뷰(rendezvous)
등 말이다. 이런 표현들을 한국어로는 입에 “착착 붙는다”고 하는데, 영어로는 이렇게 발음하기 재미있고 쉬운 표현들을 뭐라고 할까? “I like the way node of “Ranvier” rolls off the tongue


  1. If a word or phrase rolls off the tongue, it is very easy to say.


  1. roll off the tongue 은 단어가 혀(the tongue)에서 데구루루루 굴러서(roll) 떨어져(off) 나오는 형상을 가지고 있다.
  2. roll 대신에 trip을 써서 trip off the tongue 이라고 써도 된다.
    • The company needs a name that trips off the tongue.
    하지만 개인적으로 roll 의 “r” 발음이 좋아 필자는 roll off the tongue을 선호한다.


  • A: “Piccata.” That’s another word I like. B: Piccata. A: Yeah, it just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? B:Sounds like “Hotta.” (The House Bunny)
  • We used to say Kurupt FM, like it or just lump it, basically. Yeah, but then I came up with a more One that rhymes, you know what I mean? Rolls off the tongue better. Aerodynamic. (People Just Do Nothing)
  • A: “ O-H-Y-B, so for short, I’m calling it OHYB. Catchy. B: Might be tough to market. A: What are you talking about? It rolls right off the tongue. (Sullivan and Son)
  • Well then, what do you suggest, Frank adventure? Something that rolls right off the tongue. “Adventure of super land. ” That’s not bad. Not bad (Good Luck Charlie)
  • It’s just the other name rolls off the tongue so well.(The Guild)


  • Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has mentioned two leading candidates: overnight index swaps and the general collateral repo index. Neither rolls off the tongue, but one is a significant improvement. (Bloomberg)
  • Whether “Biotech Beach” will trip off the tongue as easily as “Silicon Valley” remains to be seen. (Economist)
  • In East Hampton, Lily Pond Lane, a name that trips off the tongue, is rivaled only by Further Lane, a less-lyrical appellation, perhaps, but one richly suggestive of a place where the wealthy find refuge beyond the reach of the riffraff. (NYT)


  • I just like the way “Krillin” rolls off the tongue.
  • Brioche, ricochet, and ricotta, rolls off the tongue like Ray Liotta.
  • “It’s fine” rolls off the tongue a little too easily


  • Is it a slang? No.
  • Can I use it in an email? Yes.
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? I wouldn’t

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ngram_img image source: Google Ngram


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  2. rolls off a tongue (X)
  3. rolls off tongue (X)
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