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rest up
  • [Definition] to recover or recuperate from something tiring.
    • I need about a week to rest up from my long travels. I’ll need a few days to rest up.
rest 와 rest up 의 차이는 무엇일까?
  • rest 는 “멈추다/쉬다/가만히있다” 등 의미가 여러개인 제너럴한 동사고
  • rest up 는 “피곤을 없애기 위해 에너지를 재충전하다” 라는 의미로서
rest up이 좀 더 구체적이다.
  • I need to rest
  • I need to rest up
두 문장 모두  ”쉬다”를 의미하지만  , rest up 이 “에너지를 재충전하기위한” 미래를 암시하고 있다.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Well, I’m old, so go rest up by Monty Hall or Esther Wilson. (Pretty Woman)
  • Sorry. It’s nightly rates only. But I do have a nice room for you to rest up. (Vacancy 2)
  • We’ll go after him later. For now, clear your head and rest up. (Wolf’s Rain)
  • So go home, have a nice hot bath, rest up fifteen minutes if you want before you get your asses back in gear (All the President’s Men)
  • Do you think he could come rest up at my place? (Artist)
[From News]
  • Snoozecube operates small, soundproof rooms at Dubai International Airport where travelers can power down and rest up. (Bloomberg)
  • He might have chosen to give his musicians an extra night off to relax and rest up for the final “Tristan” this afternoon. (NYT)
  • Why can’t these dayuse hotels be right next to the airport, or the airports have dayuse rooms for just that purpose - a couple of hours to rest up . (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • Are you ready to shop till you drop? Rest up because tomorrow at Blue Sea is where you need to be!
  • It was fun seeing all of your snaps and i’ve added quite a few of you lol. Humbled by your life and support. Time for me to rest up!
  • Sorry I can’t tonight because I have other plans this coming week and I need to rest up

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