눈치하면 한국 사람이다.
명백하게 말하지 않았거나, 쓰여져 있지 않아도 속 뜻을 추론하는 것은 중요한 스킬인데, 영어로도 그런 표현이 있다.
read between the lines
  • [Definition] to infer something (from something else); to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly.
    •  After listening to what she said, if you read between the lines, you can begin to see what she really means. 
    • Don’t believe every thing you read literally. Learn to read between the lines.
  • Read between the lines, Theo. Read between the lines!
  • Read between the lines, you fool! - Oh!
  • you can see what’s written between the lines.
  • the reading between the lines that we count on the listener to perform
[From Twitter]
  • Look between the lines. Read between the words. The most important things are left unsaid and unheard.
  • I’m a pretty psychoanalytic person. Reading between the lines isn’t difficult for me.
  • Google on teaching machines to read between the lines.
[From Movies]
  • Read between the lines, Theo. Read between the lines ! (School Of Rock)
  • If you’re going to come work for me, you need to learn to read between the lines. (Blonde Ambition)
  • As an actress, you really must learn… to read between the lines. (Teaching Mrs. Tingle)
  • I wish you were able to read between the lines. (Mr. Troop Mom)
  • Our experts know how to read between the lines, we know how to analyze a point spread, we’re not pulling rabbits out of a hat here.  (Two for the money)
[From News]
  • One usually has to read between the lines to work out what the authors really think. (Economist)
  • Even so, there is plenty of meat in this year’s letter, especially for those willing to read between the lines. (Economist)
  • I think we can all read between the lines here. (Economist)
예문동영상에 나오는 첫 클립에서는 Jack Black이  read between lines 를 중의적인 의미로 썼는데, 어떤 의미로 쓴 것일까?
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