한국어에는 “떠받들다”라는 표현이 있다.
심바를 떠받들다 (Image source: Lion King)
“밑을 받치어 번쩍 들어 위로 올리다.“라는 뜻으로 “누군가를 “공경하여 섬기거나 잘 위하다.” 라는 의미로도 사용된다
  • 아내는 남편이 자신을 떠받드는 것이 당연하다고 생각했다.
비슷한 느낌을 미국에서는 “동상받침대(페데스탈) 위에 놓여진” 형상으로 표현한다.
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put X on a pedestal
  • [Definition] To greatly value someone or something, esp. a romantic interest, above all others.
    • She likes Jon, but she has Chris on a pedestal. Jon doesn’t have a chance
    • He puts his wife on a pedestal. She can do no wrong in his opinion.
    • I was just doing my job. There is no point in placing me on a pedestal!
[From Movies]
  • You put me so high on a pedestal that if I fell off, I’d never hit the ground. Don’t you dare try to play the “performance anxiety” card with me. It’s beneath you. (Las Vegas)
  • Tim moved in, and he was a friend to me and when everything happened with me and you, he was there for me, and I put him on a pedestal for that. (Friday Night Lights)
  • That I would see her for the self-obsessed neurotic that she was. I think she thought she had a few more years of being on a pedestal. But that’s the cycle, right? (Solaris)
  • Yeah. Again, I know. Not only is he in my heart, but I’ve got him on a pedestal, which may not be the healthiest thing, but I’ll work on that later. (Sabrina)
  • put women on a pedestal, I do. (Cat Ballou)
[From News]
  • “I’m going to respect her, but not put her too high on a pedestal,” Bouchard told reporters. (Bloomberg)
  • She added, “With professional athletes, people put them on a pedestal sometimes, and they forget that they’re actually a person still.” (NYT)
  • Jordan presented as kind of like Superman, almost untouchable, on a pedestal (Economist)
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[From Twitter]
  • “When you put someone on a pedestal they have no choice but to look down on you.” - Treat everyone as equal. No one is “too good” for you!
  • Moral of the story, don’t try to degrade your ex by putting your current on a pedestal when they both known for the same things
  • “When you’re put on a pedestal for so long,you become separated from the people who put you there in the first place”
예문에서도 느낄 수 있겠지만 거의 대부분 2가지 상황에서 사용된다.
1. 잘난척을 너무 심하게 할 때
  • he put himself on a pedestal
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2.  ”보통 남자가 여자를 너~무 여왕대접 할 때” 또는 반대로 “여자가 남자를 너~~무 왕 대접할 떄”
  • he put his girlfriend on a pedestal
Image source: Olga Desmond Allenstein, Ostpr.

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