오늘은 “들으면 알지만, 실제로 쓰려면 기억이 안날법한” 표현을 다룰까한다.
친구집에 초대받아서 놀러갔다.
근데 분위기가 너무 썰렁해서, “음악 좀 틉시다” 라고 말하고싶다.
어떻게 말할까?
“Can we _______ some music?
put on music - 음악을 틀다.
이 표현은 밑 비디오를 보면 한번에 뇌리에 밖힐 것이다. 비디오를 보라
  • “I want to put on some music.”
  • “Hey, put on 98.8(라디오)”
  • “Dude, put on “The Ramayana Monkey Chant”.”
[From Music] 
  • I was just so happy, I put on music and danced by myself in the hotel suite, holding my little blue strip. ( Kill Bill Volume 1)
  • And I’ll put on music. We love music! (Faking It)
  • I’m just sayin’, you could make her a nice meal, and put on music, and light candles.
  • And so what if I like to go home, put on Kenny G and take a bath? (Friends)
  • Would it distract you if I put on some music? (You Can Count on Me)

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