인생을 살면서 장점을 부각시켜야할 때가 참 많다.
  • 리포트를 제출해야한다던지..
  • 자기소개서를 써야할때라던지..
  • 누구를 소개시켜줘야할때라던지..
이런상황에서, 동료한테 “장점만 부각시켜서 말해야 해”고 어떻게 말할까?
We need to….
  • highlight merit..?
  • emphasize the good things..?
  • focus on our strengths..?
다 말된다. 하지만 저 셋 모두  밍밍하고 생기가 없다. 직접 말해보라, 얼마나 딱딱한지..
좀더 재미있고, 미국적인 표현이 있으니…
We need to put a positive spin on this!
put a positive spin :
  • [Definition] : to twist a report or story to one’s advantage; to interpret an event to make it seem favorable or beneficial to oneself or one’s cause.
    • The mayor tried to put a positive spin on the damaging polls.
[From Email]
“Remember these guys are our bosses — put a positive spin on everything!”
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Thought we’d put a positive spin on things. (Sunshine Cleaning)
  • And maybe put a positive spin on what is decidedly a PR nightmare.  (Virtuosity)
  • You know, dad, I got to say, I’m having a tough time sitting here listening to you try to put a positive spin on this. (Parenthood)
  • If you find out something that’s really bad, just try to put a positive spin on it. (Desperate Housewives)
  • Commander, if you can’t put a positive spin on our arresting a murderer, I got to wonder if it might be time for you to move on. (The Closer)
[From News]
  • North Korea put a positive spin Saturday on the visit of its special envoy to China, but made no mention of China’s push for the North to resume negotiations aimed at ridding the country of its nuclear weapons program. (NYT)
  • Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock put a positive spin on the game despite his team’s deflating two-game slide.
[From Twitter]
  • So tired of peeps trying to put a positive spin on the weather..it’s not “nice”, it’s not “fresh”…it is JULY and it’s COLD. I want SUMMER!
  • We’re always trying to put nice words and put a positive spin on things…
- positive spin 만 외울것이 아니라, “Put a positive spin” (PAPS) 을 통째로 외워야한다.
– 비디오에서 볼수 있듯이 put a positive spin 이외에 “put a ADJECTIVE spin”의 형태로 좀더 일반적으로도 쓸수 있다.

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