겉으로보면 가능성이 희박하거나/어려워 보이는 일들을 해낸 사람들이 있다.
우리는 그런 것에 이렇게 반응한다
  • “어떻게 쟤가 저렇게 (잘생긴/예쁜)  (남자/여자) 랑 사귀지??”
  • 도대체 저만큼을 어떻게 팔았데…
  • 어떻게 저런 스타일을 소화하지
저 밑줄친 부분을 통틀어서 한국어로는
  • 도대체 어떻게 했데..
라고 표현할 수 있는데, 이런 느낌을 영어로는 어떻게 표현할까?
pull something off
  • [Definition] to manage to make something happen.
    • Yes, I can pull it off. 
    • Do you think you can pull off this deal?
[From Movies]
  • O’NEIL: How did you pull that off? McGINTY:How else? With your money. (Replacements)
  • MARY: You know how sometimes you see a pinguid (that means fat and greasy) guy with an attractive girl and you think how the heck did he pull that off? (All About Steve)
  • But if you can pull it off, you are a god among men, all right? (Waiting)
  • I never thought you’d pull it off. But you did. (Semi-Pro)
  • I got a crazy plan, but only the craziest among us can pull it off. (Detroit Rock City )
[From News]
  • “We knew we could pull it off ? we had the tools,” said one senior official who worked at the Pentagon (NYT)
  • Arby’s Made a Commercial for Pepsi, and It’s Great. Frank, honest advertising is remarkably winning, but not every company can pull it off as well as Arby’s. (Bloomberg)
  • Companies that can pull that off should be able to take additional market share from their less resourceful competitors. (Bloomberg)
[From Twitter]
  • Our deadline is coming up, but we’ll pull it off.
  • she was seriously the only person that could pull it off
  • if only I had the body to pull it off
  • We didn’t know we could pull it off; it was very controversial.
  • and bring them to VIM. Let me see Chekhov pull that off.
  • Actually the theme of this conference, I think, has hit on really one of the major keys to pull that off —
  • who pull that off,
  • We don’t think you can pull it off,
  • Incidentally, they did pull it off.
pull something off 라고 하였지만 거의 보통 pull it off, pull that off, 또는 pull this off 정도만 사용되는 것 같다.

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