보통 캠페인이나 포스터들을 보면 아이들이 많이 나온다.
포스터에 나오는 아동들은 표정이나 제스쳐가 강렬해서, 무엇을 상징하는 경우가 많은데, 이처럼 “어떤 사실이나 의미를 대표적으로 나타내주는 사람 또는 사물”을 가리켜 poster child라고 한다.
Poster child:
  1. [Definition]Fig. someone who is a classic example of a state or type of person.
    1. She is a poster child for soccer moms.
[Video] - 비디오를 보면 확실하게 이해할수 있다.
  • But the product in the blue box in the center is my poster child.
  • Supposedly I’m the poster child for alumni making the world a better place.  
  • I’m not who you want to be your poster girl.
[From Movies]
  • He’s the poster child for lead paint chip eaters! (Ace Ventura)
  • She’s like a goddamn poster child for high school. (Sugar and Spice)
  • Yeah, I really was… until I became the poster child for wounded women everywhere. (Sex and the City)
  • You’re the poster child for the DSM III. (American Splendor)
  • he’s the poster child for the next millennium. (Devil’s Advocate)
[From Twitter]
  • Chicago is a poster child for urban triage planning, which the new urbanism advocates.
  • Happy birthday to the Street Fighter poster child: Ryu turns 50 today.

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