16세기 영국 문필가 Robert Burton는 이런말을 했다.
penny는 목숨보다 아끼면서 그것의 100배인 pound는 아무 생각없이 사용하는 모습을 풍자한  Robert Burton의 뼈있는 이 말은 현대 삶에서도 그대로 적용할 수 있다.
별일 아닌 일에는 목숨걸고 집착하면서, 정작 중요한 것은 보지 못하고 놓칠때..
  • 커피값 500원은 아끼면서, 2000불짜리 티비를 지르거나
  • 매일 운동한다며 계단을 사용하지만 정작 탄산음료를 즐겨마신다던가..
  • 전략게임(바둑/카드게임/컴퓨터게임)등에서 소탐대실할 때
  • 그 순간의 부끄러움 때문에 바로 앞 좋아하는 이성에게 데이트 신청할 절호의 찬스를 놓쳤을때
Penny wise pound foolish
  • [Definition] Prudent and thrifty with small amounts of money, but wasteful and profligate with large amounts.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Don’t let fear drive you; That’s penny-wise and pound-foolish (House of Cards)
  • Why is the Queen penny-wise and pound foolish? Because she looks after the Browns and lets the sovereigns take care of themselves! (Mrs. Brown)
  • I’m telling you, you are being penny wise and pound foolish. (Prison Break)
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[From News]
  • The budget: Penny wise, pound foolish (Economist)
  • You get what you pay for. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. (Bloomberg)
  • The fee increase was intended to raise revenue, but the strategy has been penny-wise and pound-foolish. (NYT)
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[From Twitter]
  • And pushing away fence sitters would mean losing elections, incremental votes outside of core base. Dont be penny wise, pound foolish
  • Restricting access to psychiatric medications is penny wise and pound foolish.
  • Good article on why we’re being penny wise, pound foolish when it comes to immigrant health care

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