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도로 포장이 안된 곳에서 운전하면 차가 덜컹덜컹, 덜그락 덜그락 거린다.

그런 곳에서 운전하다가 차도로 나오면 아주 속이 시원해짐을 느낄 수 있다. 이런 포장 도로처럼, “어떤 사물 X가 어떠한 장소 Y 에 도달하기 수월하게 도와주는” 현상을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?” “The introduction of smartphones paved the way for the mobile era..”


  1. to be a preparation which will make it possible for something to happen in the future


pave THE way 에서 THE를 까먹지말자.필자를 포함해서 몇 사람들이 pave a way 라고 하는 것을 보았는데, 구글 Ngram을 보면 관용어인 pave THE way 가 훨씬 많이 쓰이는 것을 볼 수 있다.그렇다면 pave the way TO 와 pave the way FOR의 차이는 무엇일까?pave the way TO X 는 “X로 가기위한 길을 마련하다”로 종착점에 초점이 맞추어져있고, pave the way FOR X는 “X라는 사물이 가기 위해 길을 마련하다”로 그 길을 걷게 될 사물에 초점이 맞추어져있다. Pave the way for 가 더 많이 쓰인다.

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  • Superman’s job was not to protect our city, but instead to pave the way for an amazing new era in this planet’s history. (Kevin Smith Superman Lives)
  • Her pioneering use of the wide-angle lens to capture the scope of massive formations paved the way for generations of filmmakers. (An American Carol)
  • It’s not unthinkable they paved the way for the bombing, purely to justify a budget increase. (The Long Kiss Goodnight)
  • What was it designed to do? Reach out to other species. Pave the way for all the manned missions that would follow. (Star Trek Voyager )
  • This is what me and my generation, but mostly me, struggled for. Sacrificed for, you can say, personally individually paved the way for. (The Boondocks)


  • It also may clean up the country’s economic mess and pave the way for a recovery. (Bloomberg)
  • A Bit More Cash to Pave the Way for a Clinton Candidacy (NYT)
  • Billionaire Elon Musk thinks he can pave the way to a better energy future by turning the mattress-shaped batteries in Tesla’s electric car into upright pillars so they can be used to power homes, businesses and even utilities. (Bloomberg)
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  • “I am where I am because of all the strong women who came before me, to help pave the way.“- Kristen Stewart
  • Make what you think of yourself more important than what others think of you. Pave the way for your soul to shine bright, for truth to win.
  • Going for a run then off to training ! Setbacks pave the way for comebacks & this is just the start of an exciting future for me!


  • when the Great Depression paved the way
  • strangeness is a way to think about how we pave the way
  • You too can pave the way.
  • She really paved the way


  • Is it a slang? No.
  • Can I use it in a email? Yes.
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? Yes.

context plot data source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/