“기회가 찾아오다”를 영어로 뭐라고 할까?맨처음 떠오른 생각이 “When the opportunity comes..“이라면…
그보다 더 효과적인 표현있으니..
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • I’m a busy man to be sure, but when the opportunity presents itself to meet my friends at Landshark, why, we clear our decks, so to speak. (August)
  • Don’t wait for orders. Just go for it when the opportunity presents itself. (Republic of Doyle)
  • I live in my van, so I take a shower whenever the opportunity presents itself. (Mom)
  • If an opportunity presents itself, I take it. (Gossip Girl)
  • Sometimes l find a person like you who’s willing to share, and, yes, when the opportunity presents itself, l take what l need. (Star Trek Voyager)
[From News]
  • That’s over, and we just have to learn from it and when the opportunity presents itself again, we have to remember what happened before and score some points. (NYT)
  • If opportunity presents itself, I want my shareholders to benefit from it. (Bloomberg)
  • We may still consider it if the opportunity presents itself. (Bloomberg)
[From Twitter]
  • When opportunity presents itself we must take advantage of it. Having said that we have a program change
1. 보통 If 와 when 이 앞에 쓰인다
  • When the opportunity presents itself
  • If the opportunity presents itself
2. opportunity presents itself 가 opportunity comes보다 더 자주 쓰인다.
Opportunity rises는 문법적으로 틀리지는 않으나,  awkward하고, 구글Ngram에서도 볼 수 있듯이 잘 쓰이지 않는다.
0 **3. 궁극적으로 전하고 싶은 메세지는…* present 와 opportunity 는 생각보다 자주 같이 등장한다는 것이다.
이렇게 두 단어(보통 동사와 명사) 가 같이 자주 등장한다는 개념을 collocation 이라고 하는데, 많은 collocation을 머리속에 꿰고 있을수록  영어를 잘한다는 인상을 줄 수 있다. 그렇다면 present이외에  opportunity 와 자주 쓰이는 단어가 어떤 것이 있을까? collocation dictionary를 써서 알아볼 수 있다. 7 [Video]
  • External actors can only present to you an opportunity.
  • what do you do when presented with an opportunity to rectify a situation
  • and it actually presents us with an opportunity
  • or how does that present opportunity for

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