카톡복숭아와 뭔가 심각하게 얘기하고있다.
그것이 거래, 협상. 그 “무언가”가가 됐던간에 그것에 대해 얘기하는것을 은유적으로 on the table 이라고 한다.
마치 그 무언가가 테이블놓여있고 그것에 대해 얘기하는것을 모습을 본따서 그렇게 표현한것같다. 1
on the table
on the table
  • offered for discussion.
    • “our offer remains on the table”
[From Movies]
  • If the offer’s still on the table, I’d like to talk about it ( Backdrift ) 
  • So is that offer to get together some time still on the table? ( Baby Mama)   
  • Option “A” is still on the table. You can walk away right now.  ( Rundown )
  • But the matter is still on the table, Bill. - Joe? Yes. ( Meet Joe Black)
반대로, off the table,  이 테이블에서 치워버린 형상을 본따서, 이미 물건너간 얘기, 즉 고려대상이 아니라는것을 의미한다.
off the table
off the table
  • Beyond consideration.
    • “We will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.”
[From News]
  • Modest benefit reductions, particularly for better-off retirees, should be on the table. ( NYT)
  • Two different views of Alstom’s future are on the table here ( Economist )
  • “I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table” ( NYT)
  • “The country is heavily indebted, so tax cuts are off the table” (Ecnomist)
[From Twitter]
  • #Cavaliers have an offer on the table from #76ers of Thad Young and the #3 pick for the #1 pick in the next week’s NBA draft.
  • Know the facts. Be one step ahead. Be prepared to lose something. Keep emotions off the table. Come out with multiple winners.
  • Hearing Washing has ruled out air strikes for now with cruise missiles or manned aircraft. Drones may not be off the table.

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