의대진입을 꿈꾸는 학생에겐 성적.
정치인에겐 명성.
위기에 처해있는 사람에겐 목숨.
이  ”달려”있다. 이 “달려”있는 느낌을 어떻게 영어로 표현할까?
누군가는 중요하게 생각하는 무엇가가 위태로운 상태에 있는 것을 아주 효과적으로 표현할수 있는 방법이 있다.
on the line
  • [Definition] at risk of failing or being harmed 
  • to understand how people interact socially when value is on the line.
  • They put their lives on the line,
  • and never worrying about putting your dignity on the line or anything like that.
  • They’re physically putting their bodies on the line
  • And we put everything on the line to make that stuff happen.
  • When there’s billions on the line, you can’t not call me back
  • There’s a half a million on the line here.
[From Movies]
  • My marriage is falling apart, my job is on the line, and I need you to step up and be the best possible version of me, okay? (Change-Up)
  • I put my reputation on the line to close Maria. (Suits)
  • My career’s on the line. (In the Loop)
  • My job is really on the line over this one. I could lose it right away. (Repo Man)
  • There are four other employees whose lives are on the line. Plus Carol, who does part time seasonal work. (Cedar Rapids)
[From Twitter]
  • Time for this President to support the bravery of all willing to put their lives on the line regardless of political expediency
  • there is nothing wrong w/ putting your heart on the line…rather that than spending time wondering what would had happen if you did.
  • My grades are on the line here buttttt the festival sounds like so much fun
[From News]
  • Although identifying partners does not increase their legal liability, it does put their reputation on the line.  (Economist)
  • “My credibility’s not on the line,” he said. (NYT)
  • Mr Obama’s presidency is on the line, as critics ask whether he knows how to keep Americans safe. (Economist)
1. 보통 “A가 B를 위태롭게 하다”라는 의미를  put B(가치있는 무엇) on the line 이란 형태로  로 자주 쓰인다.
  • Athletes put it on the line every day - in sports, you don’t get to do something over.
  • The lawyer put his reputation on the line when he agreed to defend this man.
2. 스포츠 경기를 보면 game on the line 이란 표현이 나오는데, 게임의 승패가 갈릴수 있는 중요한 상황을 나타낼 때 쓰인다.
  • If you compare him to all the other quarterbacks around the country when the game’s on the line we got the best guy
  • How is it that a player who possesses the reflexes and the batting stroke and the knowledge and the experience to be a .262 hitter in other circumstances magically becomes a .300 hitter when the game is on the line ?
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