살면서 갑자기 마음/생각이 바뀔때가 많다.
음식이든, 계획이든, 시간이든, 마음이든.
그만큼 자주 쓰이는 표현이다
[Examples from life]
  • (실제 대화내용) On second thought, thai will be good ( 타이 먹기 싫다고 했다가, 갑자기 먹고싶어함 )
  • (실제 이메일내용) On second thought, would 4 pm today work instead?  ( 2시에 만나자고했는데 갑자기 마음 바뀜)
On second thought:  다시 생각해보니까
[From Movies]
  • You know what? On second thought, make my omelet a meat ( Emperor’s New Groove)
  • On second thought, I’m gonna take the mayo. And an ice tea, however the hell it comes.  ( Fragments)
  • On second thought, you should really call her. Sweet. Thanks. My pleasure. So what? Did you give out your number to every guy in there? Something like that ( From Justin To Kelly)
  • On second thought, let’s pass on that, huh? ( Star Wars)
  • On second thought, stay away from them. ( Field of Dreams)
  • On second thought, can you do me a favor and pretend I never said any of that ( Ice Storm)
  • Danny starts to leave, but on second thought stays ( Believer)
  • Too busy closing big, important deals? (on second thought) I think I will have a drink. (American Madness)
보통 대화 첫마디에 쓴다.
자괴하는호랑이 : “다시생각해보니까, 콘푸레이크(Frosted Flakes)..그냥 그런거같네”

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