“그게 훨씬 낫다” 를 영어로 뭐라고 할까
  • That’s better
라고 할수 있겠다.
그렇다면, “그게 10배 더 낫다” 를 뭐라고 할까
  • That’s ten times better
라고 할 수 있다.
하지만 이 표현에도  한계가 있는데… 예를들어 10^100(=10의 100승) 만큼 더 낫다라는 표현을 하고싶은데 (은근 과학이나 수학분야에서는 이런 경우가 많다) 그 숫자에 대응하는 어휘를 모르면 할 수가 없다는 것이다 (참고로 10^10 은  ten duotrigintillion 이라고 한다.)
숫자에는 “승수(Power)“라는 개념이 있어서 10^x라고 쉽게 표현할수 있는데, 영어로는 이런 비슷한 개념이 없을까? Naive하게
That’s ten to the hundredth power better 라고 할 수도 있겠지만, 더 쓰기 편하고 자주 쓰이는표현이 있으니..
10^100 배 낫다
NUMBER order[s] of magnitude  : 10^NUMBER 승수를 나타낸다.
  • [Definition] An estimate of size or magnitude expressed as a power of ten:
a order of magnitude : 10^1
two orders of magnitude : 10^2 (=100)  <— s 가 있다는 것을 까먹지 말자
three orders of magnitude : 10^3 (=1000)
several orders of magnitude : 10^x
  • we have to create a product that is an order of magnitude more powerful than the current generation of PCs
  • to increase almost in order of magnitude in size
  • Well, remember that’s not even an order of magnitude,
  • there are 11 orders of magnitude difference
  • So, there’s no technology in the world that can span 11 orders of magnitude.
  • of that order of magnitude in a condition,
  • And I think that’s such an order of magnitude change
  • That’s an order of magnitude, up or down.
  • with about the same order of magnitude,
  • the size of all fonts by an order of magnitude.
  • They are about an order of magnitude longer,
  • several orders of magnitude more sensitive
  • improved by three orders of magnitude.
  • nine orders of magnitude.
  • advancing by an order of magnitude.
보통 크게 두가지 형태로 쓰인다.
1. 비교급앞에 쓰이는 경우  
구조: NUMBER order[s] of magnitude (more, better, higher, larger, etc) than …
  • One goal is an exaflop computer which would use less than 20 megwatts of power, making it several orders of magnitude more efficient than Mira. (Economist)
  • The risk of lung cancer is orders of magnitude higher for radon than the risk caused by other cancer-causing agents the E.P.A. regulates (NYT)
  • One reason programming is hard is that every day we work across multiple orders of magnitude. 1TB is 12 orders of magnitude more than 1 byte (Twitter)
  • State elections are many orders of magnitude smaller than federal elections. (NYT)
  • Indeed, the types of challenges in corporate Small Data are solved with an order of magnitude less expense. (Twitter)
2. 얼만큼? 에 대한 질문에 대한 답으로 쓰일 때
구조:  …. by X order[s] of magnitude.
  • Elon Musk, who founded the electric-car maker, described the media’s focus on the Model S fires as “disproportionate by several orders of magnitude”, considering the higher rate for blazes in cars that run on petrol. (Economist)
  • Their price would have to come down by two orders of magnitude to have any chance of making it into the home. (Economist)
  • The trajector field is bigger than anything we’ve created by ten orders of magnitude. (Star Trek)
  • As the virus reaches new villages and now large cities, the challenge of full-scale containment increases by orders of magnitude. (NYT)
  • We think the interest is going to grow by orders of magnitude now (NYT)

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