인생을 살면서 “ ~가지곤 안돼” 또는 “ ~는 불충분해”라는 표현을 많이한다.
이런 표현을 영어로 어떻게 할까?
  • XXX is not good enough.
라고 말할수 있다.
그런데 이 표현보다 좀더 생생하고 역동적인 표현이 있으니..
not cut it

    not able to deal with problems or difficulties satisfactorily.

[Better Expression]
  • No, no, “sorry” is not enough -> No, no, sorry doesn’t cut it. 
  • Phone calls are not enough -> Phone calls won’t cut it
  • 10% is not good enough -> 10% isn’t going to cut it
  • that’s not good enough anymore -> that doesn’t cut it anymore
[Video]  - 비디오를 보면 한번에 이해할수 있다.
[From Movies]
  • if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that when you’re craving White Castle, the burgers here simply won’t cut it.(Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle)
  • Sorry won’t cut it.(Obsessed)
  • My wife and I have three jobs between us and that doesn’t cut it. So, what do you suggest? (Warrior)
  • Well, listen, Mr. Zen Master, you may be in tune with the ice universe, but when it comes to my kid, “I just know” doesn’t cut it (The Mighty Ducks)
  • … well, ‘some’ doesn’t cut it. Your wife gave us a dollar figure. I want the same exact from you. (Breakdown)
[From News]
  • In a Land of Homemade Names, Tiffany Doesn’t Cut It (NYT)
  • Guesstimates Won’t Cut It Anymore (NYT)
  • Invoking the myth of terrible supply-side consequences just won’t cut it.  ( NYT)
  • Mere assertion of virtuous intentions won’t cut it.(Economist)
  • Passing the buck, won’t cut it, any longer.(NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Sometimes human interactions just doesn’t cut it. What I need is a good j to relax myself.
  • I almost had you but almost doesn’t cut it.
  • One bowl of cereal just doesn’t cut it anymore.
be not enough 보다 not cut it 이 생생한 이유는
1) 보통 be 동사가 쓰이는 표현은 그렇지 않은 표현 보다 밍밍하다.
2) no cut it의 definition을 봐도 알겠지만 “not able to deal with problems or difficulties satisfactorily” 라고 하여, “현재 풀고자 하고 있는 문제를 잘 풀지 못하는” 라는 뉘앙스가 있다. 즉 좀 더 구체적이다.
3) 마지막으로  not cut it 에서 “it”이 상징하는 것이 뭘까?
이 표현은 원래  can’t cut the mustard 에서 나온 것이다. 의미는 똑같은데 줄여서 not cut it 이라고 줄여쓰는것이다
If she can’t cut the mustard, we’ll have to find someone else to do the job.1
  • If you find that your micro instance doesn’t cut it, you have just thrown away a chunk of cash. (http://goo.gl/E9NJ83)
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