nailed it

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어떤 것을 “완벽하게 해낸 것”을 요즘 미국 젊은이들은 어떻게 표현할까?

예를들어 이런 것을 보고 말이다.


You nailed it!
nailed it
It means that you did it perfectly; you completed a task successfully or got something right 
1. nail it(현재형) 이 아니라 nailed it(과거형) 으로 표현해야한다.
2.  “무언가를 너무 완벽하게 해내서 감동받은 느낌” 은 발음에 달려있다. 밑 비디오를 꼭 보기를 강추해드린다.
3. 이 표현은 영어 표현 그 자체로 익히는 것을 추천하나, 구지 한국어로 표현하자면 “대박!”, “짱!”, “완 to the 벽!”, “완전 잘했어!” 의 뉘앙스를 띄고 있다.

  • That was amazing! We totally nailed it!
  • – Six billion? – Nailed it.
  • DR: He sure nailed it, didn’t he.
  • …I totally nailed it.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • A: I’ve got some good news. Well, actually, it’s more than good news. – I nailed it. B:Nailed what? A: We’re in. I got it. The answer. The key. The master plan. I nailed it! (Duplicity)
  • You nailed it, Jimmy. You nailed it. (Blades Of Glory)
  • You really nailed it. – You were great. You were great tonight. (Cassandra’s Dream)
  • It took three of us, crammed into the kitchen over a pot of simmering water, but, eventually, we nailed it. (Julie And Julia)
  • I finished my Kabletown self evaluation! Nailed it. “My greatest weakness is humility. I’m probably the most humble person in the whole world. ” I wrote that. (30 Rock)


[From News]

  • According to some, he “nailed it“. Actually, he only partly nailed it; in some aspects his work contradicts his own analysis. (Economist)
  • The guy nailed it. In the depths of their souls, that is exactly how unreconstructed New Yorkers feel. (NYT)
  • Rehearse a presentation out loud until you’ve nailed it. (Bloomberg)
[From Twitter]
  • Thank you so much for such an amazing season. You guys NAILED IT. Thank you for all the feels!!!!
  • nice park job dad. you nailed it
  • 64/65 correct, NAILED IT!! I think this calls for a beer!
[Meta & Context]
  • Is it a slang? Yes
  • Can I use it in the email? : Yes, in the casual setting
  • Can I use it in the formal setting?: No
  • Frequency: 친구들 사이에서 자주 쓰인다.

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