첫인상은 중요하지만 인생을 살다보면  겉으로 보이는 것 이상인 것이 참으로 많다.
  • 겉표지는 구리지만 엄청나게 insightful 한 책
  • 그냥 쓱쓱 그린 것 같지만 엄청난 의미가 담겨진 그림
  • 어떻게보면 너무나 당연하고 자연스럽지만 엄청 복잡한 메커니즘으로 구성된 현상(사회학, 심리학에서 다뤄지는 토픽)
  • 예리하고 날카로운 눈과 혜안으로만 볼 수 있는 그 무엇(셜록홈즈를 떠올려보라)
“눈에보이는 것이 전부가 아니다”라는 것을 상기시켜주는 표현이 있으니..!
more than meets the eye
- there is more to X than meets the eye
- x is more than meets the eye
  • [Definition] more interesting or complicated than someone or something appears at first 
    • There is more to her death than meets the eye - she was probably murdered. 
    • There must be more to him than meets the eye, or else why would she be interested in him?
“more than meets the eye” 는 “Tip of the iceberg”, 즉 “빙산의 일각”이라는 표현과 비슷한데,
이 두표현의 차이는  tip of the iceberg는 사물에 초점을 두고, more than meets the eye는 관찰자에게 초점을 더 맞춘다는 점이다.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Mr. Goudy There is more to this shooting than meets the eye, Judge Parker. (True Grit)
  • There is more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there? (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
  • GANDALF: I think there’s more to this hobbit than meets the eye. (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring)
  • But there’s more to this case than meets the eye (Private Life of Sherlock Holmes)
  • They look at each other and they both know there’s a lot more than meets the eye (Insider)
[From News]
  • Google Apps: More Than Meets the Eye? (Bloomberg)
  • Biologists, psychologists and economists who have studied acts of goodness say there is more to altruistic behavior than meets the eye. (NYT)
  • There are more things to what we see than meets the eye. May be the astrologers or soothsayers have that ability to look beyond. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • You can break me down if it takes all your might, cause im so much more than meets the eye.
  • There is more to this world than meets the eye,some good,some pure evil.
  • Think you know what it takes to be a Minor League manager? There’s more to the job than meets the eye
  • There’s more to this painting than meets the eye.
  • recognize that there can be more than meets the eye.
“more than meets the eye” 는 1980년대에 유행했던 트랜스포머 오리지널 OST에서 후렴으로 나온 것으로도 유명하다.
♪Transformers More than meets the eye
Transformers Robots in Disguise♪
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Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/.

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