인생의 묘미 중 하나는 “찬란하고 아름다웠던 과거를 회상하는 행위”가 아닐까 싶다.
며칠전 한국에서도  ”토요일 토요일은 가수다”라는 프로그램이 있었는데, 90년대 인기가 많았던 가수들이 나와 그 때 그 시절 음악으로 지난 시절을 잠시나마 떠올리게 해주었다.
회상의 파워때문인지는 몰라도, 이 프로그램은 시청률 30% 이상을 육박하는  대박 흥행을 쳤다.이처럼  ”과거를 회상하는” 행위를 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
보통 “nostalgia” 나 “reminisce”를 떠올린다.
  • I am nostalgic
  • I am consumed by nostalgia
  • I miss the good old days
  • I am lost in memories
  • I reminisce about the past
등으로 표현할 수 있다. 하지만 마치 “지나온 을 머리속 안에서 돌아간다는 모습”을 빗대어 좀 더 가시적으로 표현할 수도 있는데…
take a trip down memory lane
  • [Definition] to remember some of the happy things that you did in the past
  • Memory lane : an imaginary path through the nostalgically remembered past 
[From Movies & TV shows]
  • Look, as much as i’m enjoying this trip down memory lane, Would you like to tell me what you’re getting at? (Alf)
  • I guess we were both doing what we had to. This was a nice trip down memory lane, but if you’re not arresting me… (Swordfish)
  • No time for a trip down memory lane. Rachel, Ruth, come on. We gotta go. (Dante’s Peak)
  • Maybe a stroll down memory lane will jog your memory. (Law & Order)
  • It’s Tuesday the 9th, day four of our vacation and today we’re officially starting our trip down memory lane. (The Pretender)
[From News]
  • Thank you for a pleasant trip down memory lane. (NYT)
  • This stroll down memory lane has a point: bull markets have to climb walls of worry; in bubbles all news is either good or irrelevant.  (Economist)
  • The 64-year-old Tisch, who likes to be called Bob, took a trip down memory lane yesterday, to the Brooklyn days before he and his brother, Laurence, the chairman of CBS, amassed a fortune estimated at more than $3 billion. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Did you read last weeks blog post? We took a trip down memory lane… 
  • Here’s a little trip down memory lane!
  • You have to see all these - some real eye openers and great memories of the good old days – Trip Down Memory Lane…
  • Spotted… two old flames slumming it on memory lane.
  • consider this entertainment, otherwise it’s memory lane.
memory lane에는 관사가  안 붙는다.
  • take a trip down the memory lane (X)
  • take a trip down memory lane(O)

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