프로젝트가 막바지에 다르면  마지막 디테일의 정리가 필요하다.
리포트로 예로 들면 맞춤법 검사, 문법 정리, 그래프 스타일의 일관성 등 말이다.
마치 (아직 연결이 안된) 실타래 끝을 잇는 형상에서 본따 이런 상황에서 쓰이는 좋은 표현이 있는데…
loose ends
  • [Definition] 1) the last few details that need to be finished or explained in order for something to be complete. 2) a detail not yet settled or explained.
    • The job’s nearly done. I’m just tying up one or two loose ends at the moment.
    • Mark arrived back at his office to tie up any loose ends
  • So what is this, tying up loose ends?
  • And apart from a few very important loose ends, which you’ve heard about here —
[From Movies]
  • I know you must have a lot of things on your mind right now… what with tying up loose ends and all. (Julian Po)
  • He asked me to ask you to sit tight a few days… …so he can take care of loose ends. (Mad Dog And Glory)
  • They said they were trying to tie up loose ends. You and Catherine are those loose ends.  (Beauty and the Beast)
  • We have lots of loose ends. - Not my birthday again? (Meet Joe Black)
  • Indeed. Perhaps I should call later, sir, just to make sure there were no loose ends? (End Of The Affair)
[From News]
  • More than anything, she is good at bringing together all the loose ends into a satisfying finish. (Economist)
  • There were loose ends in the story and that’s why I edited it (NYT)
  • Yet the campaigners are optimistic these loose ends will be tied up, or at least fudged. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • I have one more week to tie up any loose ends, cause then I ain’t worried about nothing but my success!
  • So many loose ends with people that need to be tied up
  • I wanted to complete the project as I felt it was unfinished, & I don’t like loose ends.
예문에서 볼 수 있듯이, tie up(묶다) 와 같이 쓰여 tie up loose ends로 자주 쓰이고,  또 “미정리, 미 완결 상태”이란 의미로 loose ends  자체로만도 쓸 수도 있다.

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