• “쟤 냅두면 아무것도 안할껄?”
  • “어떤 대학원생은 냅둬야 진정으로 실력을 발휘하죠”
  • “서로에 대한 불신을 그대로 방치해버리면 나중에는 돌이키기가 쉽지 않죠”
  • “아무도 보지 않는 곳에 자유롭게 내버려둔다면, 어떤 일을 하겠어요?”
이 밑줄 친 부분을 영어로 어떻게 표현할까?
leave something alone으로도 표현할수 있지만, 중요한 “자유로움/맘대로 행동할 수 있는”의 느낌이 빠졌다.
내버려둠+ 맘대로 행동할 수 있는(자율성)”  이 느낌을 동시에 표현하려면 어떻게 할까?
leave to one’s own devices
  • [Definition]  to leave alone, unsupervised, without assistance.
    • Left to my own devices, I’ll spend hours staring into space, just thinking.
    • Let’s leave her to her own devices and see what she comes up with.
[From Movies]
  • Left to her own devices, Melinda can be self-destructive. (Melinda And Melinda)
  • So I wasn’t all that great when left to my own devices. (Awkward)
  • One of those things we sometimes see in adolescents, when curious boys, left to their own devices, act out in ways they don’t fully understand. (Law & Order)
  • I find the skilled amongst us are better off left to their own devices. (Royal Pains)
  • He’s a lovely wee chap Mrs Hughes, the last thing I would wish to be is rude but in this case, I really must be left to my own devices. (Downton Abbey)
[From News]
  • With No Animal Shelter Nearby, Bronx Rescuers Are Left to Their Own Devices.  (NYT)
  • And some creative people would never finish anything if they were left to their own devices. (Economist)
  • Left to the narrative’s blunt devices, the players, with few exceptions, immerse themselves equably in contrasting rinses of black or white.  (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Separate sperm and egg are not human life. Left to own devices, no baby will be born.
  • What happens when 40 million women are left to their devices? A lot.
  • We are citizens left to our devices
  • ..if left to their own devices, a child will achieve.
  • ..were left to their own devices..
  • Before that time, people are left to their own devices…
  • ..so I was literally left to my own devices.
  • 이 표현은 보통 과거분사형(left to one’s devices)로 표현된다. 이 표현이 예문을 보며 어떻게 쓰이는지 잘 알아보자.
  • 여기서 devices는 이 단어의 원래 의미인 “장치”로 해석하면 안된다. “wishes” 나 “preferences” 쪽으로 보는것이 더 맞다.
  • device<- 복수를 까먹지말자
  • 2번 & 3번 따지지 말고 그냥 외우는 것이 편하다.

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