Julie Lee님께서 보내주신 표현입니다.
그저께 제 친구가 너무나 자연스럽게 쓴 idiom이 있는데
아직 데일리에 안 실린거 같아서 쉐어합니다.
“Learning the ropes~”
새로 아파트에 이사왔는데
엘리베이터 닫힘이 어디있는지 몰라서 옆 친구에게 꾸중을 들음.
그 후에 그녀가 던진 말 “hey I’ve been living here for a month. Learning the ropes!
learn the ropes : 
  • [Definition] to understand how to do a particular job or activity
    • It’ll take some time for the new receptionist to learn the ropes.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Miss Mason will help you while you’re learning the ropes. (Grease 2)
  •  I took the job with you to learn the ropes at East High. (High School Musical 3)
  • You don’t mind if Karen sits in to learn the ropes? (The Office)
  • You just gotta give me time to learn the ropes. (Gallipoli)
  • Well, we thought… you might serve in more of an advisory capacity. Just until you learn the ropes, that is. (Oscar)
[From News]
  • I spent the week learning the ropes -– where to eat (at Tashi’s), where to shop (the Barkhor), where else to stay… (NYT)
  • Today aspiring officials cannot spend time, as recommended then, learning the ropes in the nationalised industries. (Economist)
  • Mr. McGrath is learning the ropes as a commercial real estate appraiser while Ms. Birch is looking for a job in advertising.  (NYT)
  • So in 2010, the main aim was to tinker with the machine and learn the ropes. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • Learning the ropes when you start a biz can be tough. Learn how one entrepreneur overcame to succeed.
  • When you start a new job.. How long does it take you to learn the ropes?
  • NBA Rooks: Nicholson Learns the Ropes
Learn the ropes라는 표현은 원래 뱃사람들 사이에서 쓰는 용어였다.
선원들은 닻을 내리거나, 돛을 지탱하거나 등 밧줄을 많이 사용됐는데, 그래서 밧줄을  묶거나, 잡아당기거나 하는 방법을 잘 알아야했다. 그 과정을 learning the ropes라고 하였는데 그것이 점점 일반 용어에서도 쓰이게 된 것이다.
You gotta learn the ropes

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