어떤 장소를 안다는 것은 곧 그곳의 지형을 안다는 것이다.  그말은 즉, 어떤 사물이 어디에 배치되어있는지 머리 속에 잘 정리되어있다는 말인데…
여기서 “지형”을 영어로 뭐라고 할까?
lay of the land
  • [Definition]
    1. the arrangement of features on an area of land.
    2. the arrangement or organization of something 
직역하면 “lay of the land”은 “그 땅의 지형”이라는 뜻이다. 그러다 땅이외에  보통 구조가 있는 어떠한 것들의 “상황” 또는 “형세”등을  이야기할 때도 자주 쓰인다.
  • 도시에 레스토랑들이나 여타 attractions들이  어떻게 배치되어있는지 묘사할때
  • 소설에서 여러가지 plot이 어떻게 배치되어있는지 묘사할 때
  • 새로 들어온 오피스에 누가 어디 앉아있는지, 화장실이 어디있는지, 커피기계가 어디있는지 등을 묘사할 때
  • 박물관에 누구 작품이 어디에 있는지 묘사할 때
[From Movies]
  • I’m just getting the lay of the land here myself. But what… What I can gather so far is that he refuses to go outdoors. (The Hoax)
  • SS engineers stand around frowning at the lay of the land (Schindler’s List)
  • A:I’m just trying to get the lay of the land, so… B:The lay of the land, huh? A:Yeah. I’m new, so I figured I could, I don’t know, memorize where everything was. (Havoc 2)
  • Let’s get the lay of the land. Master suite. Home gym. Home theater. Sweet (The Glass House )
  • Is he really going to have to tell this guy the lay of the land? (Intersteller)
[From News]
  • Once I had a general lay of the land-a sense of the narrative’s direction– I hand-sewed together 208 pages into a book. (Economist)
  • Just to get a lay of the land, Erika Schaub, the research team manager for IdealSeat based out of Citi Field, even sat in every section (NYT)
  • In a book that is a long, bewitching love letter to an utterly maddening place, Mr. Kluge introduces a group of Saipan newcomers who don’t yet know the lay of the land. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Visiting @CrokePark this morning doing the Skyline tour to get the lay of the land for @24HourPlaysDub this weekend!
  • Ain’t getting old, ain’t getting younger though. Just getting used to the lay of the land. — Neil Young
  • It feels good to know the lay of the land before you arrive in a new city
  •  TB: Okay. Well let’s scan around a little bit here, give me a lay of the land.
    So the challenge was to try and get them to do what we wanted them to do by listening to the weather, the lay of the land, and creating things that would let the sheep flow

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