“down to earth” 라는 표현은 보통  성격이 “꾸밈없고 , 합리적이고, 현실적인 사람”을 묘사할 때 쓰이는 형용사다.
  • A: How was she?
  • B: She was down to earth.
이와 반대로 비현실적인 꿈을 꾸는 사람들을 묘사할때는 head in the clouds 라고 하는데..
이처럼 하늘을 뭔가 “이상”으로보고 땅을 “현실” 로 보는 경향을 이용한 숙어가 하나 더 있다.
Keep your feet on the ground
(keep|put|have) (your|both) feet on the ground 
  • [Definition]
    • 1) have  a realistic understanding of your own ideas, actions, and decisions. 
    • 2) to remain calm and stable.
    • It is hard to keep your feet on the ground when you suddenly become famous.
    • She’s a woman with both feet on the ground, who knows what’s what.
    • You will do all right if you have your feet on the ground
    • Don’t get carried away. Just keep your feet on the ground and you will do fine.
아시는 분께서 예전에 그런 말을 했다.
“추상적인 목표를가지고 구체적으로 살아”가라고 .
즉 뭔가 이루기 위해선, 큰 꿈을 꾸는 것과 현실을 제대로 바라보는 것 둘 다 중요하다는 이야기인데,
미국 대통령이였던 Theodore Roosevelt 도 비슷한 개념을 은유적으로 표현했다.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • Just keep your two feet on the ground Girl, you didn’t get enough yesterday? (Dangerous Minds)
  • I think that seeing how another intelligent being… keeps his feet on the ground... would be far more therapeutic for Dennis. (Martian Child)
  • You’re loud and you’ve got a short fuse. Now, Jeb is like your father. He thinks before he speaks. He’s got his feet on the ground. (W)
  • Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. In the television business, it’s extremely difficult to keep both feet on the ground. I’d be happy if I had just one foot down there. (Alfred Hitchcock Presents)
[From News]
  • Boeing Has Its Feet on the Ground  (NYT)
  • Frugal Fiances, With Their Feet on the Ground (NYT)
  • But he believes that theory, to be of use, must keep its feet on the ground. Modern theorists in his view have drifted too far from the actual world. (Economist)
[From Twitter]
  • Hope he can keep his feet on the ground.
  • Head in the clouds and feet on the ground. One steady step at a time.
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