[Motivation] 배에서 “용골” 이 뭔지 아는가?

그림을 보면 이해하기 쉽다.

즉 “용골”이란 배의중심을 잡아주는 중요한 역할을 하는장치인데, 이것을 영어로 “keel” 이라 한다.
배의 용골이 평평한 상태인 형상을 본따 “on an even keel” 이라는 표현이 있는데,
“안정적”이라는 느낌을 주고싶을때 쓰이는 표현이다.
on an even keel :  (특히 힘든 시기를 넘긴 뒤에) 안정된
***보통(거의 대부분) keep 과 같이 사용된다. (keep SOMETHING/SOMEBODY on an even keel)
[From Movies & Others ]
  • You want to keep things on an even keel I guess is what I’m saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. ( Waking Life)
  • He just wants to know that I’m on an even keel, that’s all. - Leave me alone. ( Interiors )
  • I expect sometimes…people…do it to keep things…on an even keel. ( Departed )
  • Keeps us on an even keel. Gives us some perspective, doesn’t it? ( Replacement ) 
  • “I think they know I’ll be on an even keel,” he said. “They’ve seen me on weeks like this. They’ve seen me when things weren’t going well.“. ( NYT)
  • A lot of people say that if you can approach it by keeping everything on an even keel, you can never rise to the occasion, ( NYT )
  • the central bank’s basic responsibility to try to keep the economy on an even keel, experts say, will require a much greater focus…( NYT)
Keep something on an even keel: to keep something in a steady and untroubled state.
keel을 발음할때 길게 끌어줘야한다. 들어보라
Title : “Life returns to an even keel”

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