• “나 걔랑 사귀기로 했어. 그런데 비공개니까 퍼트리지마
  • “너한테만 말해줄께. 아무한테도 말하지마
  • “나 복권당첨됐어. 근데 너만 알고 있어
밑줄 친 부분을 영어로 어떻게 할까?1
please don’t tell anyone / It’s secret/ 또는 keep it a secret 등으로 말할 수도 있지만,
은근 자주 쓰이는 또다른 표현이 있다.
on the down low
  • [Definition] In secret.
[From Movies]
  • And I was hoping that we could, you know, keep it on the down low… …from Danny and the other guys, that I’m coming to you for help.  (Ocean’s 13)
  • So, just keep it on the DL. Okay? (Parks and Recreation)
  • And I just really think they’re trying to keep it on the DL for now until they make the big splash. (Play It Again, Dick)
  • These are super-secret, so let’s keep this on the down low (You’ve seen Tiger, now see the Lamb)
  • But keep it on the down low, so the spazoids don’t catch wind. (Family Guy)
[From News]
  • Even after finally agreeing to marry him, Ms. Torneo kept it on the down low so as not to undermine her credibility as the marriage cynic (NYT)
  • The Ovalhouse is a theater in London that has kept its plays on the down-low. (Economist)
  • At Facebook, ground zero for the nouveau tech riche in Silicon Valley, peer pressure dictates that consumption be kept on the down low. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • I get laughed at for being a Jets fan so I try to keep it on the down low
  • I’m just trying to show as much love as possible…  Keepin the bad vibes on the down low.
down low를 줄여서 DL로도 많이 쓴다
  • keep it on the DL

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