렌트가 부쩍 늘었다. 처음 왔을 때보다 100불 이상 비싸졌다.  가난한 대학원생 돈 뜯어먹을 일 있나…
여기서 “랜트 완전 비싸졌어”를 영어로 어떻게 할까?
  • the rent became expensive!
  • the landlord increased the rent!
는 너무 밍밍하다.
가격이 “대폭” 인상된 느낌을 어떻게 표현할까? 발음이 재미있어서 입에 착 붙는 표현이 있는데..
jack up the something
  • 첫번째 의미 : to raise something up on a mechanical lifting device.
    • Now I have to jack the car up, so I can change the tire. 
    • Please jack up the car.
  • 두번째 의미 : to raise the price of something 
    • The store keeps jacking prices up. 
    • The grocery store jacked up the prices again last night.
자동차를 잭업할 때 기억나는가?  위 definition의 두번째 의미는 여기에서 빌려온 표현이다.
[From Movies & TV Shows]
  • You know they tell you that just so they can jack up the price on you. (Cheers) (jack up the price ON you  너한테 부당하게 가격을 인상하다라는 의미로 쓰일 수도 있다)
  • A: Slap a black label on it, Jack up the price, and create an artificial shortage. People go crazy for that. B: You are so smart. (Hot in Cleveland)
  • Once they think you’ve got cash, they jack up the price. (Tru Calling)
  • A: Shh! Don’t act too enthused or they’ll jack up the price. B: Why would they do that’? (Packed to the Rafters)
  • You know, Barbara, the Arabs have decided to jack up the price of oil another per cent. (Network)
미국에서 비행기 예매할 때 조심해야하는 사실!
[From News]
  • When yours are the only products left in the market you can jack the price up as much as you like because you will have a monopoly. (Economist)
  • “They really jacked up their advertising in the past few months,” said Colby Synesael, an analyst at Cowen & Co. in New York. (Bloomberg) (여기서는 첫번째 의미로 쓰임)
  • But the dump may be more essential than ever since the arrival of a substantial upper middle class that has jacked up the cost of living. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • Taking more than 4 years to graduate can jack up college cost. Private colleges graduate students faster
  • this is the thing that makes me maddest. landlords jack the price up and NOBODY can pay so it sits vacant. HOW IS THAT BETTER
  • Our education system is indeed criminal, but locking up teachers pressured to jack up scores is inanity
[Comment 3]
1. jack up 은 “To ruin”의 의미로 슬랭으로도 사용된다.
즉 “f*** up”의 약한 버전으로 말이다.
  • I don’t want my short-term desires to jack up my long-term blessings.
  • I’m not letting him use my computer again; he always jacks it up.
  • I wouldn’t trust Sonja with air. She’d jack that up
  • My flights are all jacked up so I’m stuck on this side of the pond for 24 more hours…. Anyone want to drink in London?
  • insecure, I would jack my height up,
  • and then we jack it up into the air.
  • And I’m like, “What is this jacked-up metaphor?” (여기서는 슬랭의 의미로 쓰임)
  • and the growth of the Internet has jacked up that price.
  • of gaming systems to just jack up that appeal,
[Context] query: “jack* up”   c Source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/.

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