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이 Motivation은 Saeryoung Lee님께서 작성해주셨습니다.무엇인가를 깨달았다, 어떤 생각이 들다라고 표현하고 싶을 때 대부분의 경우 ‘realize’ 라는 단어(만)을 쓴다.

I realized that… 내가 ~ 했다는 나 중심의 능동적인 표현 말고, 어떤 아이디어나 생각이 나에게 일어났다/다가왔다/찾아왔다 라고 겸손하게 말하는 표현을 배워보자. “It never occurred to me to connect the two ideas.”


  1. (for an idea or thought) to come into someone’s mind.


  • I stayed up half the night thinking about it and then something occurred to me and I fell into a deep peaceful sleep and haven’t thought about you since. (Good Will Hunting)
  • As I indicated, Admiral, that thought had not occurred to me. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)
  • I came up with something, but then it occurred to me, why don’t I ask Bill? What do you think? (Meet Joe Black)
  • It occurs to me that an even moderately clever person could try to frame me for the murder simply by killing him on my property. (Law Abiding Citizen)
  • As I listen to you, it occurs to me that maybe you are requesting something of me, and you should know that I never answer requests (The Grand)


  • It never occurred to me that I would remain unmarried, especially in a system where marriage is not only a commandment, but also one of life’s primary purposes. (NYT)
  • However, before I reached my office, a somewhat sickening thought occurred to me: If we were really that family-friendly, why hadn’t Linda asked for a couple of hours off to take her children to meet their teachers? (Bloomberg)
  • It never occurred to me that I would write a memoir. But then I had the unusual experience of acquiring an interesting life (Economist)


  • Listening to some opera on radio & it occurs to me that nobody knows what these fatsos are saying, they could be totally making fun of us
  • It only very recently occurred to me that the street I was born and grew up in was called The Chase. Oh the irony.
  • It just occurred to me that having the house to myself this weekend makes it a “pants optional” weekend


  • it occurred to me that there are few things
  • and it occurs to me I’ve never actually done this alone.
  • it sort of occurred to me that the ocean’s not a grocery store, you know.
  • it never occurred to me that anybody would turn me down
  • It had not occurred to me that anybody in his family
  • But it would never have occurred to me to think
  • And then something occurred to me:
  • Well, it occurred to me that I should invite Dr. Robicsek
  • it occurred to me that actually, they already do.
  • However, what occurred to me was
  • And it occurred to me that in this whole non-governmental world,
  • But it never really occurred to me
  • And it occurred to me
  • because it never occurs to me, like, should I make


  • Is it a slang? No
  • Can I use it in a email? Yes
  • Can I use it in a formal setting? Yes
  • Frequency? A LOT. See below

context plot data source: Davies, Mark. (2008-) The Corpus of Contemporary American English: 450 million words, 1990-present. Available online at http://corpus.byu.edu/coca/