인생의 묘미는 남들과 공감하는 것이 아닐까. 동병상련의 감정을 느낄 때 자주쓰는 표현이 있는데,
아마 자주 들어봤을 phrase일 것이다.
  • I are in the same boat as you.  너와 같은처지야.
  • We are in the same boat . 우리는 같은 신세지
in the same boat
  • [Definition] to be in the same unpleasant situation as other people
이 phrase를 구지 리뷰하는 이유는 전치사 IN이강조하기위서이다.
가끔씩 on the same boat 라고 쓰는 경우를 봤는데, 그것은 잘못된 표현이다.
구글 ngram으로도 확인할 수 있다.
가장 효과적인 답변은 “관용어라 그냥 그렇다. 그냥 외워…” 일것이다.
구지 이유를 원한다면,  boat는 크기가 작고, 안에 들어가는 것이기 때문이다.
Yacht (요트) 같은 경우에는 그 크기가 크고, 탑승하기위해서는 올라타는 것이라 on the yacht라고 하는 것이 맞다.
Bus도 이와 마찬가지로, 크기가 크고, 탑승하기위해서는  올라타는 것이라 on the bus라고 한다
하지만 boat나 elevator처럼 크기가 작고, 올라타는 느낌이 아니라면 in the XXX가 맞다.
[From Movies]
  • I’m in the same boat as you. (A Place In The Sun)
  • lf it’s any comfort, the officers are in the same boat (Mutiny On The Bounty)
  • So I guess you’re both in the same boat, so to speak (In Treatment)
  • You ever do send that letter, you’re in the same boat as me (Suits)
  • We truly are all in the same boat. And that. No matter what our differences. We sink or swim together. (Sicko)
[From News]
  • In Germany in June he echoed the aphorism of Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, that Europe’s economies are “all in the same boat”. (NYT)
  • The Russian and the Italian are in the same boat. Each has spent a billion dollars trying to buy the things that currently belong to Barcelona. (NYT)
  • Theirs was a life journey, but they weren’t in the same boat, even though they were heading in the same direction. (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • We all in the same boat TOGETHER.  everybody trying to get rich!
  • I love the way we’re all in the same boat cramming homework the day before school
  • We’re not all in the same boat. We’re just not. Some are on yachts. Others, on life rafts.

  • that, in some sense, were in the same boat together;
  • because they’re all in the same boat.
  • is to put everyone in the same boat.
  • so they’re all in the same boat.
  • to feel that we’re all in the same boat, because it’s obvious we’re not.
  • We’re not all in the same boat, and that means
  • the person on your side of the net, they’re in the same boat as you,
  • Environmental problems, in many ways, put us all in the same boat.
  • appreciating that in so many ways they’re in the same boat.
  • we’re all in the same boat.
  • and I realize that all of my other students are in the same boat,

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