당신은 이 프로젝트를 위해 피와 땀을 흘렸다.
마지막 디테일 정리(tying up the loose ends) 도 하고.. 기다리고 기다리던 끝도 보이기 시작한다.
즉 막바지 단계에 접어들었다.
친구가 물어본다. “프로젝트 어떻게 되어가니?”
이 질문에 “이제 막바지 단계야..” 라고 말하고싶은데 어떻게 말할까?
  • I’m almost done..
  • It’s over soon
  • It’s in the final stage…
라고 말할수 있지만, 좀 더 역동적이고 비주얼적인 표현이 있으니…
the home stretch
  • [Definition] the last part of a long or difficult activity 
    • We’ve been working on the project for six months, but we’re in the home stretch now.
이 표현은 경마에서 유래되었다. 결승점이 있는 직선 코스를 home stretch라고 부르는데,  in the home stretch는 즉 경기의 막바지에 이르렀다는 것이다. 말에 타고 결승점을 향해 전력질주하는 느낌을 떠올려보라..
in the home stretch
[From Movies & TV shows]
  • Val, we are in the home stretch. The caterer’s all taken care of, the flowers are all set. You picked up my wedding dress. (What I Like About You)
  • Count down from 20, and then you dial.  Hang tough.  You’re in the home stretch. (Breaking Bad)
  • After that, you’re pretty much in the home stretch. Then you’ll take a nap, you’ll have a snack. (7th Heaven)
  • We are in the home stretch here. We cannot risk another diplomatic incident. - I can handle it. (The State Within)
[From News]
  • Prime Minister Tony Blair said today that Britain was in the home stretch of its race to contain a ruinous epidemic of foot-and-mouth disease (NYT)
  • The mayor was also hurt during the home stretch of the campaign… (Economist)
  • He said the talks were in “the home stretch.“ (NYT)
[From Twitter]
  • We’re in the home stretch for Tuesday’s Independence Party Primary!
  • Hitting the home stretch. 30 minutes remain. Kevin Harvick remains the fastest.
  • Home stretch, this assignment was ridiculous and busy work!
in the home stretch보다 한 단계 더 역동감을 넣어서  hit the home stretch 또는 reach the home stretch라고 해도 된다. 하지만 in the home stretch 가 관용적으로 쓰인다.

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