[Motivation ]
오늘은 비디오 먼저 보고 하겠다.
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바쁘신분들께선 밑에 대사만 봐도 괜찮다.
  • “I know that that was wrong. I was in a really bad place, which is why I left town in the first place… to get a fresh start, which I had with you. “
  • “Dan, this isn’t funny. This is exactly why I was saying you should speak to Rufus in the first place“ 
  • “How could you disappoint me when you did so much work to get me on the board in the first place?
  • “My son never should’ve been behind bars in the first place.”
여기서 계속 나오는 phrase인 “in the first place”가 무슨뜻일까? “처음장소”??
[Phrase ]
in the first place
  • Definition: in the beginning / 애초
    • We should never have agreed to this in the first place. 
    • We only had four of these glasses in the first place, and now I’ve broken two of them.
    • I still don’t understand why you chose that name in the first place.(우선 당신이 왜 애초에 그 이름을 택했는지가 난 아직도 이해가 안 돼요.)
    • I should never have taken that job in the first place. (내가 그 직장에 애초에 취직을 하지 말았어야 했다.)
[From Movies]
  • (beat) I never should have let you talk me into this in the first place. (Dumb and Dumber )
  • Now, when they lock lips, we are reminded why people kiss in the first place. (Up in the Air)
  • Why didn’t he say so in the first place? (In the Bedroom )
  • Look, man, I don’t even know why I’m running in the first place. ( Man of the House)
[From Twitter]
  • Why do people feel the need to constantly get caught up in others business that never involved them in the first place.
  • You don’t just stop loving someone. You either always will, or you never did in the first place.
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